Welcome to another Friday Get Off The Fence where we get all our talented writers together (at a distance) to discuss a burning topic in the world of video games and pick a side! With all good willing, the next generation console ‘war’ is just around the corner. So we ask the very simple question – will you be going Sony or Microsoft?

PS5, PS5, say it again PLAYSTATION FIIIIVVEEE. This is simply down to preference and fandom, I’ve owned all the PlayStations and don’t plan to stop until I’m dead. I prefer the controller, the exclusives, what they now aim to do with their console and the company. I will be a PS fanboy for a long time to come and there isn’t anything (I think) that can convince me to buy an Xbox. Besides having a Nintendo console and a Sony one is enough for me.

PS5, easy, I mean is the sequel to God of War 2018 going to be on the Xbox? No. If you’re one of those heathens who thinks that the only on PlayStation banner was removed from the GOW site, then I have bad news for you and your dreams of a communist utopia where console makes share out the big releases. Its all lies. Maybe it’ll all pan out in a few years when Alexx has bought a console for every room and has a spare Xbox to throw my way, it worked with the One. Apparently I look like a charity case? and f*ck it that works for me. Back to the point though, PlayStation for life. It’s an iconic brand and has more going for it at this stage than the American usurper.

“Sorry did you say something? I was lost in your eyes…”

This time around, the choice is a joint one. Now I’m a semi-functional adult and in a long term relationship, choices like these are a ‘joint decision’. I have been informed that our household will have both. Which I couldn’t be happier about! If I was forced to choose, it’d be the PS5. Purely for familiarity. My main console now is a PS4 Pro, we have an Xbox One S, but that’s something we share, we both have our own PS4’s. So for the first time, I actually get to experience the best of both worlds! This equals a happy Lance ?

This year’s wrestlemania looks epic!

PlayStation will always be my first choice for next gen consoles, but living with my partner makes it easier to get both and that is what we will do. My main console is a PlayStation 4 slim, but I don’t hate on Xbox, I prefer their controller however the PlayStation exclusives massively out ways that of the Xbox, so it will be a PS5 first, shortly followed by the Xbox Series X. I am also looking forward to playing elder Scrolls IV on next gen console.

I don’t need it…. I don’t need it… I NEED IT!

I went with Xbox One over PlayStation 4 first at the beginning of the current generation, solely because my primary interest was the Forza Motorsport and Horizon franchises, though only Forza Motorsport 5 was available in the first ten months following the console’s release. Never again will I buy a console just for one game!

I am definitely leaning more PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X (biggest yawnfest of a console name ever) as Sony seem more likely to have the better exclusives lined up. Microsoft have made plenty of moves over the past couple of years by purchasing dozens of studios, seemingly in an attempt to lock in a few exclusives of their own. The issue with this is that while Sony have been very open about their exclusives, God of War 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for example, Microsoft have stayed very quiet on the games front while running their mouths about the hardware aspect.

Come the end times you’ll be glad so many games taught you how to use a bow

Time will tell of course, but for now I’m safely in camp PlayStation, though I’d be lying if I said I won’t own one of each before long after launch!

Well this isn’t looking too good for Xbox is it?! Guess what, it’s another tick in the PS5 column for me. Though for the first time in a long time it’s not as straight forward as normal. I agree with everything that has been mentioned above about Sony having the better exclusives, and that is my main reason for sticking with PlayStation for a fifth generation. Though looking at the excitement levels of what we know so far, the Xbox Series X is smashing PS5. We know exactly what we’re getting with Xbox where as PS5 still feels complicated and unclear. Look, I’ve already been over this in great detail so check out my video below for more on how Xbox is currently winning this console war…

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