In case you missed it I recently reviewed Paper Mario: The Origami King (video version out today) and not only did I love it just because of how it works, but I also loved it because it really took me by surprise – this is something that rarely happens to me nowadays. This is something I try to do with movies, especially big ones like the MCU, I’ll avoid the last few trailers so the film is as much as a surprise to me as possible and therefore I’ll enjoy the surprise as much as the film itself.

The opposite has definitely happened to me with games, I know for sure that if I hadn’t been as hyped as I was at the time for Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy 15 then I quite simply would have enjoyed them way more. On the flip side I can still get totally surprised with how much I enjoy a game or even with how it plays. Take Paper Mario for example, I was fully expecting something between mario bros and odyssey (Mario not Creed), I thought it would be some sort of 3d side scroller with a different art style…. When I got a Mario RPG-lite that made me smile from ear to ear I was a very happy man (obviously with the smiling and all…). I was just so pleased to be playing something that was a surprise to me and that was simply a good game. Although there’s an argument that I should have known more about the series before going in to review it, not knowing was a real blessing as every little element I didn’t know about brought constant joy whilst I was reviewing it.

Frozen Announced for Kingdom Hearts 3! - News - Kingdom Hearts Insider
Look over there, it’s the good version of this game

As mentioned I over hype myself sometimes and the game ends up not being what I hoped; but also there are games that intrigue you, especially when the developer has put out something great previously, but they just end up being very boring or a pile of steaming…… Take Prey for example, the guys who did Dishonored were putting out a space game that, to me, looked like some horror version of fallout in space and man I was hyped. However as you can read here I was pretty disappointed by it, it just ended up being boring and didn’t inspire me to get to a good enough level to finish. the same can be said for The Outer Worlds and We Happy Few especially, for me anyway (although i did finish The Outer Worlds), they were games that I thought looked amazing plus the developers had a great history but I just ended up being fairly bored. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I haven’t got enough free time to play boring games!

We Happy Few will release in Australia following successful appeal ...
More like ‘We Boring Few’ amirite!

Of course the opposite can happen; a game can look preeeetty trashy or completely non interesting and someone (mostly Luke) will be like “come on guy give it a go”. This is especially true with the Dark Souls series but I’ve TALKED ABOUT THIS ENOUGH, so no more here.

All that I’m saying here really is you never know what’s going to happen, don’t completely buy into all reviews because they can be wrong – especially for movies (I’m looking at you Hellboy remake) – sometimes it’s good to go in blind and make up your own mind, DON’T BE A ROBOT. Now If you don’t mind could you kindly go and read all of my reviews 😉

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