Hello my name is Luke and I am here to defend the Street Fighter mode labelled “World tour” which is led by my new favourite character (and not because of his name… okay entirely that) a guy named Luke. Luke is an absolute babe. Its such a good idea to make the cover a scarred, beaten up common named fella like Luke because for the first time I’ve felt like i genuinely could be in the street fighter universe despite only doing the bare minimum of BJJ and Muay Thai myself

In the World Tour mode, you have the freedom to create and play as any character you want. You can either create a complex and intricate character that reflects your personality or simply make a basic one. The choice is yours.

Luke serves as a coach and has a resemblance to Professor Oak from Pokémon. His rival character, Bosch, can be likened to Gary in the Pokémon games. Essentially, the game follows a Pokémon-like storyline focused on training and rivalries. Normally, I might criticize the game for this, but I can’t bring myself to do so because I genuinely love it.

Initially, the game introduces an “assisted control scheme” which is a fantastic addition for those who are new to Street Fighter or struggle with the gameplay. However, I can already hear the die-hard Street Fighter fans complaining that it lacks intricacy. Fear not, fellow nerds, as after approximately 20 minutes, you can disable the assisted controls and learn the full ranked control scheme. So, everyone can find their preferred way of playing.

One particularly enjoyable aspect is the app that keeps track of the fighters you’ve defeated. It’s a small detail, but it adds to the overall experience. Personally, I find it delightful.

As you hit the streets of Metro City, the world of Street Fighter 6, you’ll encounter Mike Haggar, who governs the city. Yes, it’s the same Mike Haggar from the shared universe of Final Fight and Street Fighter. This nostalgic nod to classic brawler games had me captivated from that moment.

However, what truly immersed me in the game was its story, the ability to fight anyone you encounter on the street, and the satisfying and intense combat, which I’ve come to expect from the Street Fighter series.

There is much more I could say about Street Fighter 6, but if you’re looking for a fighting game with a compelling narrative, you can’t go wrong with it. World Tour mode is essentially what would happen if the Street Fighter and Yakuza/Like A Dragon games had a baby – filled with all the weird and wonderful things you would expect from both universes.

This isn’t my review of Street Fighter 6 but If I had to assign a score based on World Tour mode alone – I would go 8/10. I am having an absolute blast with it and it’s perfectly filling the time where I don’t currently have enough time for Final Fantasy XVI – Give it a go!

Written by Luke.