Finally Dead Space fans get a release date for the upcoming and gorgeous looking remake penned for release January 27th 2023 and I am here for it. I don’t know about you but having a horror release after the holiday season is perfect especially for those who find the whole thing a bit sickly, you know the type those who hate Christmas and never shut up about how it’s being shoved down our throats instead of enjoying a time when people are trying to be nice to each other…but I digress, this remake is just another piece of news that makes my day (the other is Alan Wake is coming to switch).

Are you excited abut this? Or don’t you care and if not why not…I mean what’s wrong with you? did you not play the original? Shut up it’s gonna be great, no you’re wrong! It’s gonna be up there with the resident evil 2 remake.

Any way have a nice day and be nice to each other.