I have been playing Alan Wake quite a lot recently and when talking to a few friends I found out that quite a few of them have never played it before, which got me thinking… What other games can I recommend that people play in the spookiest of months that you may not have played before.

And what easier way to do that than list a few cult horror games you absolutely should not miss out on! This isn’t a top 10 and these are in no order by any means but if it makes this list of games then you should definitely try and track it down to give yourself the best of frights.

Alan Wake

The game that got me thinking about this list in the first place, Alan Wake is one of my favourite games of all time and whilst it isn’t strictly a horror title all the way through (it regularly skirts around different literary genres throughout the narrative) it definitely earns a place on this list.

With the remastered version of the game having just released I am not going to say a great deal about this title as its one of those games you just have to experience, however my good pal Stu has done a fantastic review of the game which you can find here:

Rule of Rose

Rule of Rose is set in England in the 1930s and opens with a group of girls (all wearing creepy as hell bags on their head) pushing you into a coffin and trapping you there to torture you. Rule of Rose never completely terrifies you but it definitely will creep you out for a solid 15 odd hour runtime.

Rule of Rose deals with a lot of intense themes in a very clever way that has you thinking throughout the game and plays out like an incredibly dark fairy tale, it will set you back around £1000 to get a copy of the PS2 game today, however I am sure there are other ways you can play this which we at Respawning do not condone.

Trailer for this game is here:

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness is a game that really sticks out when you think of clever ways to mess with the player. The game features a sanity meter which as you go more insane the game will screw with you on another level than anything else I have ever played before.

The biggest scare for me, whilst playing the game on the Original Gamecube, was about 12 hours into the game it threw up an error message and said my file was deleted – it wasn’t, this was just one of the ways the game likes to mess with you.


Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is less cult than it used to be thanks to Bring Me The Horizon creating a song around it (bloody nerds) however it is still unique in that it blends together Survival Horror with elements of JRPG’s together to create something wholly unique. It’s difficult to explain why everyone should play this but hopefully the trailer does that

Deadly Premonition

I haven’t actually played Deadly Premonition myself so cannot really wax lyrical as to why this game is a must play. However, I have been told on countless occasions that this title is right up my street and perfectly blends classic survival horror, complete with tank controls, and cheesy b movie aesthetics and story.

I will be checking this one out.

Have I missed your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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