“OH MY GOD FALLEN ORDER LOOKS AMAZING” and “FALLEN ORDER IS GOING TO BE THE GAME OF THIS GENERATION” are a few things I have heard and read in the passing this week and it’s a story I have heard a million times before and whilst I agree the newest Star Wars game does in fact look pretty awesome I am here to tell you:

Calm down, you’re going to ruin it for yourself.

I have seen it happen this year alone with Respawning’s very own Joe & Javier filling their hype meter for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3. Both people kept telling me that it was going to be the best game on PS4, both people told me it was going to be the most amazing JRPG they have ever played and you know what? Neither of them really liked it all that much.

Who was laughing then? Me. The “cynical bastard” who said it looked like it would be quite a lot of fun but didn’t jump on the hype train. OH DID I RELISH MY ENJOYMENT FROM ATOP MY HIGHEST OF HORSES.

Know when else I saw the Hype Train go to Maximum and then people get really angry when something was delivered to fill this hype void? In BOTH Solo and The Last Jedi. Fans constantly saying how both those films would be the best things ever made and then taking to the internet to voice various levels of dismay because they ruined it for themselves.

I liked both Solo and TLJ because I didn’t think either would be the best piece of pop culture ever created.

And I see it happening all over again with Fallen Order. The fanboys have come out to play spouting the same kind of bullshit due to a few flashy bits of marketing that made the game look pretty, people have built this game up in their own heads and I am genuinely afraid for those people when the game simply does not deliver on these unrealistic standards.

What will really piss me off about this, come November 15th, is that these same fanboys who have built the game up in their heads with unrealistic expectations will take to the Internet once more and start to slag off the game, the developers and everyone who visited the Respawn offices at the time of development – ALL BECAUSE they ruined it for themselves with unrealistic hype.

BUT GUESS WHAT, Whilst you all take to the internet to voice your gripes from mummy’s attic, ill be sat here on my high horse, in my Ivory Tower enjoying the ride because I simply don’t think the game will be the best thing since Pulled Pork.

I know it seems like I am having a bit of a moan here but please take a step back and just think: Is the Fallen Order going to change my life? Or is it simply going to be a fun filled 12 hours of gameplay? It won’t be the best game ever created, it’s not going to break the medium and it’s not going to change your life.

So, calm down Fanboy and just enjoy the ride.

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