Right before we get into this, I should probably do that thing, *ahem*


Okay good now that’s out of the way, lets talk about the thing on most Star Wars fans minds right now, the Vespa riding cyborg teen street toughs, and no that isn’t a set up for the most intense follow up to Biker Mice from Mars.

Go Go Espa Rangerssssss

In episode 3 of The Book of Boba Fett, the titular crime lord is sent to confront some cybernetically augmented ruffians who stole water from a moisture…salesman? I guess. Said salesman makes them out to be some kind of terrifying threat to Fett’s for now shaky hold over Mos Espa, when he meets them however, he is shocked to discover that they’re actually just a bunch of jobless delinquent teens who seem to have modded their bodies for fashion as much as any real use. After giving them a dressing down for being rapscallions he decides to hire them to be his own personal band of rapscallions.

Now, these teenagers with attitude have been causing a bit of a rift among the fanbase, some people see their colourful speeders, outlandish outfits and cybernetics as being out of character for Tattooine and even Star Wars as a whole. I say to these people, you’re wrong, but I respect your right to be wrong. Star Wars has always been home to a cast of wacky and bright characters, hell Boba himself only got his massive fanbase because he stood out among a cast of others. So, maybe just maybe we should be giving these futurist Quadrophenia types a break!

Still a better character design than anything in Cyberpunk.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely remember being a teenager myself, and during that time I also remember trying to stand out and rebel in my own way with brighter clothing and fighting back against “the man” I’m not 100% sure who that man was but you can bet your caboose it was probably someone a lot like the over charging water seller these modified ruffians apparently stole from. Most of the hatred has been levelled at their rides though, each member of the group rides a differently coloured Vespa style speeder bike that, as I said before, stand out aggressively in the beige toned streets of Mos Espa, and isn’t that just the point?! You can’t say you didn’t sit there and stare right at them, just like the characters would want and likely, just want the creative team wanted as well. You sheep…sorry…nerf.

God forbid you zipped up your jacket in the Star Wars Galaxy!

The most aggravating argument against these literal new kids on the block is all about zips. I wish I was kidding but now, a fair few people have taken issue with the leader of the gang having a prominent zip on her jacket… Yeah, I know, people will argue anything. Most people who are on the anti-zip side have used the note left to Episode 8 concept artist Paul Bateman by Star Wars costume designer John Mollo that there should be no zips buckles or fastenings at all. To this I say, go watch Empire Strikes Back one more time… and tell me Luke Skywalker doesn’t zip up his flight suit before the Battle of Hoth…

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