In a reveal of Mighty Morphin’ proportions, the surprisingly decent fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has dropped a trailer showcasing the next few characters to be released over the coming months!

Most excitingly and taking up the bulk (and skull heh heh) of the trailer is the coolest Black Ranger ever, Johnny Yong Bosch’s Adam Park! Sporting his ninja garb from the 1995 movie, he bolts about the screen dealing out Ninjutsu flavoured beat downs! Next up is a skin for SPD’s Doggie Crugers giving us a good look at his canine face. Following that is the next actual character drop showing off the Dine Charge baddie Poisandra in a reveal that is sure to give you diabetes. Finally but without gameplay we get the reveal that iconic mistress of evil Rita Repula will be joining the action in December.

The new season begins this month, dropping Adam first, so if you’re a fan be sure to get yourself the new season pass!

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