Nintendo Directs are almost infamous for not giving much away these days. Using trailers that are thin on the ground with content or just flat out saying something isn’t ready is the norm but we allow it since, come on, it’s Nintendo, they probably made the first game you ever played! The latest direct dropped a few new trailers for upcoming content but sneakily of all, there was a trailer for a trailer… We were given a date for the next presentation from Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai coming October 5th. The biggest jaw dropper here is that the video will be revealing the absolute final DLC fighter for the game, that’s right kids, no more after this. What’s that? You want more? Well, this fighter will round it out to 82 characters, so don’t be greedy. Anyway, I decided I’d wrack my brain and see if I couldn’t come up with a few decent options for who should appear in this last hurrah for Super Smash Ultimate.

Crash Bandicoot –

Yep, another rival to the iconic plumber. Crash was a near perfectly designed counter to Mario way back in the 90’s and even famously had some adverts of a man dressed as the bandicoot stood outside Nintendo of America’s office with a loud hailer demanding Mario step outside to throw down… If that isn’t a clear enough reason, then I’m not sure what is? Well, how about that with his more rough and tumble style and use of tools, he’s already got potential for a pretty varied move set, and thanks to his famous invincibility mode with mask friend Aku Aku, that’s your final smash right there!  

About to curb stomp Mario’s b*tch face

Phoenix Wright –

OBJECTION! Nah I wouldn’t object to this. Phoenix seems to be a strong contender since Nintendo & Capcom already work closely within the game seeing as Mega Man and Ryu debuted in the previous title and Ken waltz into the fray with Ultimate’s release. Mr Wright has some fighting game chops too with his appearance in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 showing him to fit in well with such a competitive title. His wackier elements such as speech bubbles and launching evidence at his foes would fit in nicely with the more bonkers characters we’ve been shown already and a final smash showing him getting an enemy sent down by the judge? Let’s just say *chef’s kiss*

Come to think of it, have we ever seen his legs?!

Knuckles The Echidna –

One of the more commonly requested characters for Smash since blue blur Sonic made an appearance. Knuckles already shows up in the game as a fast punching hole diggin’ assist trophy. This to me, means that a good amount of the basic work has already been done on him and making him a fully fledged playable character would be quite easy! While Tails might make more sense since he isn’t already usable in game, He isn’t exactly a well-known brawler, unlike this bright red Echidna.

This dudes Down B will be nuts

Sora –

Another character who the internet seems to have a thick, throbbing passion to appear in the fight. Sora seems like he would make an easy leap from Kingdom Hearts to the Smash battlefield. Wielding his signature Keyblade and having access to a fair few magic spells, Sora’s fighting style would translate nicely. Plus, he’s adorable! The only snag I see here is that while he does fight with a unique weapon, it is still technically a sword. Smash fans have been known to cause a wee bit of uproar now and then about the sheer number of sword users gracing their game, so would this giant door key be a little too close to the line for them?

Hey Look, No Johns

Waluigi –

Look, you know you want it, I know I want it, so Nintendo MUST know that we want it… Waluigi is maybe the most hard done by Nintendo character in history, barely appearing in their catalogue of games and being the victim of merciless ridicule whenever he does show up. Maybe it’s about time Luigi’s lanky purple copy got a win? Besides, how funny would it be to watch him stove Pikachu’s head in with a tennis racket?! Waluigi is something of a hero to the people of the internet for no reason other than he’s weird and makes funny noises, but it cannot have escaped the attention of Nintendo or Sakurai that Wario’s…brother? Mate? Whatever, they must have seen how much the world loves him and wants to see more. WAHHHHHH!

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