A better protagonist than Alexios

I’ve banged on about how much I love Alexios and how he should be in the same conversation as Geralt and Kratos. Well imagine if we can top that! It’s a tough one as I definitely wouldn’t say Creed protags improve from game to game or are even memorable, however Alexios has really stuck in my mind. Now I am a fan of vikings and in particular their religious beliefs, so I have a lot of faith (pun intended) that we could get one of the most awesome main characters to grace our screens. And I hope it’s the female option!

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A heavy influence of Nordic mythology 

As mentioned above I love the Viking’s beliefs, obviously this has been shoved in front of us in the form of Marvel’s Thor and that’s what’s made me an even bigger fan but I’ve always thought that their gods (and the Greek) were much cooler than anything we ever dreamed up. Proper tales of battle and glory and deceit make Odin and his team the god’s I’d want to pray to; So i’d best be getting some Asgardian related side quests!

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Some bloody brutal combat 

This goes without saying really but I want the combat to be even more brutal than Odyssey, which allowed itself to become more ferocious as you were playing as a Spartan. So you’d think playing as a Viking, one of the most chaotic people to ever live, the combat is going to be visceral and intense. I’m not one to lie about the fact that I just love violence in the media I consume (it’s part of the reason LOU2 got a 10) so I want to be cleaving templars hearts out with my axe!

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Epic war scenes 

Odyssey gave us a taste of what the Creed games can offer us when it comes to large scale battles, running around a crowded battle field tasked with taking down specific captains. It worked pretty well but I think it could be better, I think that past games actually had better battle mechanics for multiple enemies and that got lost a little lost in Greece. So I’m hoping for some big epic beach battles when I’m playing as a Viking where I can take on multiple baddies in a stylish fashion. It would also be great to add in extra elements to the battle such as burning cauldrons of fire or battering rams, or even animals. Each game mostly improves on what it did before so fingers crossed!

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A storyline for the ages

Much like the protagonists the story lines of Creed games can be very hit and miss, and quite often over complicated. I have found myself getting lost in what’s happening in the past and getting no explanation for the future until the very end. Again I don’t want to keep blowing Odyssey’s trumpet but it did manage to make all of this work extremely well. So obviously I want more! Imagine an epic story of a Viking who kills for justice, coupled with Norse mythology and a continuation of the very strong modern world story that the last 2 entries have given us….ooh mamma.

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Whatever your wants are there’s no doubting that Valhalla has the potential to be the most epic Ubisoft game to date, with an amazing style of open world RPG that’s now been established. I am so excited and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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