Oh boy, ANOTHER LIST, but this time we look to the future and detail which films I am most looking forwards to in 2020!

Simple enough so let’s do this!

No Time To Die

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I have loved the Daniel Craig Bond movies and I genuinely believe they are the best that Bond has ever been. I am super excited to see how this all comes to a head in 2020 with No Time To Die – I don’t really know anything about it other than Rami Malek plays a new kind of terrorist and looks terrifying as hell.

No Time To Die promises to deliver on the action we have come to know and love in the most recent Bond films whilst also showing off some throwbacks in the trailer as well (looking as you Miniguns in the Aston Martin) and I am so hype to have my face blown off by Bond once again.

Wonder Woman: 1984

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I said to Will just yesterday that this will be the best comic book film of 2020 and I stick by that.

I looooove the first Wonder Woman movie and I LOOOOOOOVE the 80’s so this film looks like it will really appeal to me. This coupled with the fact that the first trailer showed me more Chris Pine featuring in this has me filled with 7 millions questions that need to be answered.

Come on DC, Don’t let me down.

The King’s Man

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I love the Kingsman movies and I am chomping at the bit for some more story surrounding the mysterious organisation and it looks like I will get the Origin Movie I actually want with the Kings Man and it stars Voldemort himself: Ralph Fiennes.

The King’s Man trailers show this film could be an absolute delight and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this universe once again.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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Look I know most of you don’t like the reboot of Ghostbusters but hear me out… This one has Paul Rudd in it and the mans a delight.

That coupled with the return of most of the original cast and Finn Wolfhard (how much older does he look now? Stop growing boy youre making me feel ancient) has me sooo damn excited for this movie.

Free Guy

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At our core we are a video games site here and this movie takes what is basically GTA Online and gives the powers to an NPC to actually affect the world in the same way the players do.

Described by Ryan Reynolds as his favourite film he has ever made is enough to sell me the movie because after Deadpool, my trust is fully in whatever Reynolds wants to sell me.

Bill & Ted: Face The Music

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The internets darling in Keanu Reeves used to star in the Bill and Ted franchise long before he was an assassin or the chosen one and they were great.

I love both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey and I am all in for seeing these characters “All grown up” and trying to deal with more adult life whilst still being excellent to each other.

An ethos this world currently needs to remember.

Halloween Kills

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Halloween’s semi reboot which ignored everything after the original was a great thrill ride and showcased Michael Myers 40 odd years on, illustrating that he is still this unstoppable killing force.

The film was tense, exciting and terrifying and honestly, I just want more of this so please don’t mess this up and take the franchise down a dumbass path once again.

Cue the theme music…

Venom 2

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I am a Venom sympathizer. I really really enjoyed the first film and thought it was a delightful popcorn movie that allowed me to turn my brain off and let me enjoy my favourite anti-hero of all time kick ass and take names.

With the successes of more and more R-rated comic book movies I am really excited by the idea that Sony will learn from Venom 1 and deliver an R-rated thrill ride that will let me once again enjoy some pure symbiote action.

This and I might finally get to see Carnage on the big screen.

So what have I missed that you are excited for in 2020? Are you more excited for Dune and A Quiet Place 2? Let me know in the comments below.

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