I’m the guy who was late to the Rick and Morty party; I didn’t really know what it was until season 3, at which time I discovered it and consumed it quicker than I eat popcorn at the cinema. So yes, I became a fan of Rick & Morty; I thought it was clever, twisted the usual tropes of adult animation and threw in lots of mind-bendy/time travel/dimension shifting story lines that may or may not get tied up. Over Christmas I thought I’d treat myself to catching up with season 4, watching the 5 new episodes currently available… And I barely laughed. I just kind of watched it because they were short and easy…

I’m unsure if it’s me or you (who hasn’t heard that before?) Rick and Morty, but something just isn’t the same. The weird wacky formula just doesn’t seem to land now – I knew that Rick would have an ultimate plan, that Morty would do something silly that Rick has to sort out, or screw him over for, and obviously Gerry would accidentally get mixed up with an alien… But that edginess and reality-bending nonsense has gotten a bit lost; even the world-destroying catastrophes seemed non consequential nor funny. I know it’s just a cartoon to enjoy, but it feels to me like it’s taken a nosedive from season 3. This isn’t something I want, but this new season hasn’t tickled my funny bone nor worked my brain.

I’ve been sat there almost forcing myself to enjoy it as I liked the first 3 seasons so much, but now I don’t know if I’ll watch any more of it. Rick and Morty has somehow become completely unfunny to me; is it too much of a good thing? I feel they know what people like now, so write characters in such as the Meseeks, and due to this are taking less risks with new material, and the new ‘funny’ storylines are just kind of shit! There’s a whole episode which is literally a poop joke, which I guess is meant to be really meta? But REALLY isn’t.

I’m hoping against all hopes that the second half of the season does it a bit better, and actually makes me laugh, or think. So far though, I’m not impressed!

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