Recently on Respawning we’ve spoken a fair bit about summer lulls & what we played to get us through to the Autumn/Winter rush. Now I personally, despite having picked up a few new games, have been catching up on some good old TV.

Here are some shows that may not be on your radar but definitely should be, especially now the cold is setting in, you may just want to cuddle up and watch some entertaining shows. These all have an element of nerdiness so will give you that good old greasy greeb kick.

So here we go and in no particular order!

5) The Boys

I’m starting with The Boys simply because it definitely is on everyone’s radar especially with how well this show is doing right now. Amazon have even confirmed that they are already well into filming season 2!

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what “The Boys” actually is, it’s a show about superheroes who are completely and utterly vile, abusing their power to take advantage of… Well everyone really. This show is extremely adult but in a such clever way that uses the gore and swearing to extremely good effect. I just love it so goddamned much.

In fact I loved it so much I watched it in 2 sittings, 8 hours in two sittings, I have never ever done this before – The show just drew me in and I couldn’t not know what happened next. To see heroes acting in this way, completely abusing their powers was so refreshing, they’re all flawed and nasty. It is most definitely an extremely different take on superheroes and got me thinking “what are my favourite heroes doing off page”? I am so happy this is doing so well and just that it even exists, and look forward to many more seasons. 

4) Wu Assassins

I saw the trailers for this and thought it looks like The Raid, but with mystical powers, and that’s essentially what it is.

I really feel this is something special and not the kind of show that comes around very often, Iko Uwais (The Raid) is probably my favourite martial artist and to get him for a 10 episode series is so freaking awesome. The show blends America, China, fantasy and realism in a really unique way which has definitely paid off. Yes the acting and CGI can be sub par but after watching foreign martial arts films for years, I’m used to this.

Essentially there are these ancient elemental powers (earth, fire, water etc.) and they’re instilled in people, who are unfortunately evil, Iko must become the Wu assassin and kill them to take their power. There are story arcs that aren’t generic and bullshit and really offer something different, I can more than promise you that if martial arts are your thing then you’ll fall in love with this show.

3) Preacher

Jesse Custer (Played by Dominic Cooper) may well be one of the coolest characters on screen and he’s supported by 2 amazing actors, so good in fact that it annoys me that a lot of people; comic fans especially, still don’t know this exists.

Preacher takes religion, comics, supernatural element and insanity and mashes it up in a visceral and honest package. The show is about God going missing and the Preacher (Jesse) gaining the power of the “Voice of God” where he can tell anyone to do anything and they have to obey, a power which only Jesse can control.

Jesse spends a lot of his time hanging around with a vampire and his old love with whom he has a very complicated past and the story takes off (also involving Angels). This is just the start and it gets a whole lot weirder which is frankly the sheer joy of it all. Preacher (The Show) is so unusual, and weird and just so so gross; it starts with a guy bloody exploding! Honest to God (Pun intended) I think everyone on the planet would enjoy this show.

2) The Chef Show

This one is a little different to the others on here but is still awesome and will have enough nerdiness to keep ya going! The Chef show centres around Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi talking about the film “Chef” (Which is also really awesome and should be watched), cooking, travelling around and having great guests.

Season 1 starred various chefs, restaurant owners, some of the avengers and Robert Rodriguez. It’s a really easy going, fun to watch programme. It’s something you can chill out to but also thoroughly enjoy, you may learn to cook something and enjoy some of your fav nerdy personalities.

On top of this Favreau is just an absolutely lovely man who seems really down to earth and normal. Well worth a half hour of your time.

1) Legion

Legion is one of those shows that I love but haven’t quite been able to smash through, I think this is mostly due to it being a Sky exclusive and the Sky app being worse than it’s Netflix or Amazon Prime Counterparts.


Legion is about the titular semi popular X-Man/Mutant bad guy but is told in a very different way, at least to what I’ve read of Legion in X-Men comic books.

Legion is very unique in the way that it’s filmed and this is to instill a strange sense in the viewer. You’re not supposed to know if he’s crazy or has super powers, what’s real or fake, who’s dead or alive. Either way I’m a big fan of Dan Stevens and when you add in other fantastic actors such as Aubrey Plaza and Jemaine Clement you know you’re onto a winner!

I urge you to give this a try if you haven’t already, it’s vastly different to the X-Men movies and much better for it.

There ya go! These are my tippy top recommended series so get those subscriptions on the go and get watching!

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