Welcome to our first analysis of the various characters present within Heroes of the Storm! Today we’ll be delving into the shoes of Slyvanus Windrunner…The Banshee Queen…

Character: Slyvanus Windrunner
MOBA: Heroes of the Storm
Role: Specialist

Sylvanus The Banshee Queen she is one powerful pushing monster. A great hero for back door win with minions or a winion. Her name (with a different spelling Silvanus) comes originally from Roman Mythology. But in Heroes of the storm she hails from Azeroth. Having been killed in battle she was raised as a Banshee.

Her trait is called Black Arrow which disables all minions and structures that she hits. Also she can take a talent that lets are take hold of the enemy minions and convert them into friendly minions. This makes her pushing potential phenomenal, she can easily solo a lane from gate to core. She feels like a raider, you run in and do damage carve out huge swathes of the enemy minions and then disappear. That’s where she falls down she needs to disappear before the hammer of the enemy can fall upon her.


Her ability haunting wave helps her dash away from the enemy. A great tactic is to throw it one way and then run another. Whatever way the team chase you can take the alternative path. I’ve lost count of the times that has worked in the game I’ve played. In some cases she can really put pressure on lanes was from the main party. For example if your team are in top lane pushing hard. The enemy will have to respond to the pressure you put on their lanes which really helps split their focus.

This is the perfect opportunity for Slyvanus to push out the lanes. Preferable the one furthest from the main confrontation. In Heroes of the Storm there are a few maps that are perfect for this. As their size negates the concerns you might have about being ganked when you think you’ve got a good push going.


Map awareness is a must in MOBA’s. If someone is missing from a team fight or the mini map, you need to ask yourself where are they? If you don’t pay attention then you find the enemy minions knocking on your core. Before you know, it your core is falling in health and you’ve lost the game.

Another thing Slyvanus is amazing at is tackling camps of mercenaries. If they buff the team or push down your lane for you, they can often be a key part of your victory. Slyvanus can take a Giant camp by herself before you know it. But disabling both mercs at once she does not need to be concerned about losing too much health in this action. She is a great asset to any player or team who knows how to use her. So take care to run in do your damage and get out.

Good luck have fun

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