At E3 2018, during Microsoft’s Press Conference, Kingdom Hearts III got a massive new trailer with a LOAD of new plot details and gameplay elements shown!

As shown in the trailer, a new world set in Frozen was unveiled, although it’s title was not released – Familiar Frozen characters Olaf, Anna, Christoff and Elsa were shown, with the sparky villain Larxene making her return from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Also shown was an expanded part of the trailer where Riku’s in the Realm of Darkness, having shown that, unfortunately, Aqua has fallen to darkness and been overtaken by Xehanort.

Not just this, but a new summon in Simba was shown, with his King’s Flare Command Style shown, a new Keyblade Transformation in the Blizzard Blades shown.

Kingdom Hearts III is releasing January 29th, 2019.

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