That time of the year is finally here where we count down our favourite games of 2016!

Whilst I am sure that I am missing more than a few off of this list, I am only going to list games that I have actually had a chance to get round to playing so you won’t see Doom or XCOM 2 in this list of mine

So let’s get right to it shall we?

10 – Overwatch


One of those games that you hear is going to be amazing and you watch a handful of videos around the game and wonder what all the fuss is about… then you play it and something clicks in your mind and you just KNOW that this game is going to eat up huge amounts of your time, this game was Overwatch for me in 2016 and as someone who prizes narrative over all other things when it comes to gaming – this is a huge achievement.

9 – Watch Dogs 2


I was one of the very few people who (kinda) enjoyed the original Watch Dogs and was pleasantly delighted that many of the issues I had with the game were gone this time around which you can read in my (shameless plug) review here!

8 – Darkest Dungeon


Darkest Dungeon is one of the most rage inducing games I have ever had the (dis)pleasure of playing. It is frustratingly difficult but incredibly satisfying. It was this satisfaction that made it one of my favourite games of all time, not just in 2016.

7 – Ratchet & Clank


390473249289321 guns and double the fun! Ratchet and Clank was a fantastic foray down memory lane!

6 –  Street Fighter V


Street Fighter V is a game I avoided for months after it was released due to a lot of the controversy that surrounded it’s release but when Respawning were asked to  hold a tournament around it I finally gave in and picked this game up… boy, did I then spend a lot of time playing (losing) as Ken online, a fantastic brawler that still rivals Tekken to this day.

5/4 – World of Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest Builders

An image of the chbi characters in world of final fantasy


This entry is a little bit weird because I cannot decide which of these two I loved more, both fantastically charming in their own right but the reason they rank so highly on my list is because of the memory surrounding them: Ever since I was a kid I wanted to go to the office where the Final Fantasy games are made and thanks to a PR event in 2016 that Respawning were invited too… I was FINALLY able to live that dream.

3 – Final Fantasy XV


At first I didn’t like Final Fantasy XV, I thought the combat was cheap with 2 button combat and the characters were the only likeable thing about the story… then it clicked and I realised the combat was really tactical and fun, this was 50 hours ago.

2 – Uncharted 4


The finale of the Uncharted series was a best in show for Naughty Dog, fantastic lovable characters with stakes that actually felt real and effectively put my favourite characters in danger.

1 – Dark Souls 3


As a HUGE fan of the Souls series this one was always going to be my favourite game of the year, Only the Dark Souls series can make me finish a 50 hour game and think…. right time to start again! I was obsessed with Dark Souls 3 in 2016, always finding myself back in Lothric whenever I couldn’t decide what to do with my time.


Honorable Mention
Whilst I am sure it will end up on this list, at the time of writing I have not had a chance to have any time with The Last Guardian yet, though I am sure it will be phenomenal.

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