Summer’s coming to a close, which means the best game season is almost upon us. We talk about the games we can’t wait for, and those that we’ll want under our Christmas (sorry) tree!


After seeing the newly announced characters and stages I’d be lying if I said I can’t wait for Super Smash Ultimate. I’ve always been a fan of the smash games ever since me and my friends used to spend hours gathered around the N64 making Mario and Link knock seven shades of shit out of each other! With a massive roster of all out favourites and a few new comers Ultimate looks like it’ll definitely live up to its name and I can’t wait to get back to it and rediscover my love for Roy from Fire Emblem and Lucario from the Pokemon series!


It’s times like this I wish i’d saved all of my holiday and had just taken off a week for every month for Q4! Truth is there’s not much i’m unexcited about. I really don’t think I’m going to have time to fit it all in. As always i’m excited for Assassin’s Creed, origins got me interested in the series again and Odyssey looks like it’s going to be really special. For me though it all kicks off in a few weeks with Spiderman, man this game looks amazing doesn’t it, i think i’m even more hyped as i haven’t played a Spiderman game since maybe the PS2…. I’m hoping this is the Arkham game for Marvel.

And to end it all we have Kingdom hearts 3, currently i’m playing through all the KH games (on BBS right now) and my hype level couldn’t be higher. The new game looks absolutely incredible and with it boasting 80+ hours of content it’s going to make me a busy boy in the new year, and way after that.


I’m something of a Fallout nut, and seem to be the only person on earth who is super-duper hyped for ‘Fallout 76’ the multiplayer entry coming later this year. Fallout 4 had the only half-decent game play of any game in the series while still delivering a serviceable story (No, not the best, but serviceable.) And the idea of enjoying it alongside of my friends excites me to no end.

Bethesda have set themselves a really strong creative challenge in the lack of NPCs, which is something I both respect and encourage- creative limitations are a mark of a good artist, after all. I’ve seen nothing so far that has dampened my enthusiasm for the title and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ve even written an article about my expectations for the game, which you can read here.


I’m all about that Fist of the North Star hype right now. Being a massive Yakuza fan and eagerly waiting for the 3-5 remasters I was keeping my eye on the FotNS game for a while because a FotNS beat em’ up made by the same people who made Yakuza 0 – one of my favorite games of all time – seemed like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, it was Japan exclusive for a while until Sega finally realized how much people loved the games that team puts out worldwide.

So FotNS Lost Paradise is coming in October using the same engine as Yakuza 0 and the less than stellar Dragon Engine and I’m through the roof. Hopefully I’ll get to review it so you can catch that later!


Spidey is probably my most hype game for the rest of the year but there is so much I want out of 2018 still. I think if I had to choose then I am probably most hype for Red Dead Redemption 2, after seeing the 6 minute gameplay trailer the other day, it hit me full on in the hype organ and I can’t wait to roam around on my horse. Everything I have learned about the game has made me more excited – right down to the way you increase trust with your horse so that the emotional impact of when it inevitably dies is increased substantially as you bond with the animal.

Also as an honorable mention from me – I have to say that Hitman 2 is right up there on my hype-o-meter as well… The reboot was fucking nuts and I bummed it so I can’t wait to get my grubby little gremlin hands on the full package of the second one – especially after playing through the sniper mission.


What’s up, its ya boy. This year I am hyped beyond my control for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I have been rooting for the Nintendo Switch since it’s launch and I was freaking out after the announcement for Ultimate. This game honestly looks like the ultimate version of the franchise and is combining all the characters and over 100 stages into this small little cartridge.

Every direct brings more news that just really gets me excited. Smash is one of those titles where even small rule changes can get me excited and hyped. At the most recent direct Sakurai announced there would be over 800 soundtrack pieces for us to listen to in the game. Then beyond that we could make playlists and listen with the screen off. It’s something that sounds silly to be hyped about but it isn’t for smash. I’ll be flying to Australia for 3 weeks the day before this comes out, so I am going to use my holiday time to master every single character on this huge and still growing roster.

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