Yesterday, Ubisoft announced the winner of the 2018 Just Dance World Cup, which took place on April 21st in Paris at the Webedia Esports Arena. Maintaining his dominance and his World Cup crown, last year’s winner, Umutcan “Technoth” Tütüncü from Turkey, took the title for a second consecutive year in a row.

The returning World Champion defended his title in final against Jordan “Jjtatooo75” Boury from France, who competed at home and was previously one of the favourites for this 2018 edition. Umutcan “Technoth” Tütüncü defeated his opponent after a very close finale in a best-of-5 (3-2), which showcased juts how high the level was for this year’s tournament.

The 2018 World Finals gathered the best Just Dance players from 18 different countries worldwide, after months of intense local competitions.

The competition was broadcast live on Ubisoft channels and can be watched below:

Congratulations again to Umutcan Tütüncü and his competitor Jordan Boury! Now’s the time for some well deserved rest…

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