Often seen as a more casual-friendly and admittedly unbalanced fighting game, BlazBlue, with it’s fantastic OSTs, characters and stories has captured my heart these last few weeks; enough for me, a complete Fighting-game newbie to develop and understand what my Mains are!

I’ve spent a few hours with each character in Training Mode, and have looked intensively into the characters available in BlazBlue: Central Fiction, to see exactly what my Top 5 Beginner BlazBlue Mains are! Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

5) Jin Kisaragi

Ice, ice, baby…

Jin, oh Jin, you slippery bastard. Jin’s been a great character to begin learning at the start of my journey into BlazBlue, with fluid, fast combos, impressive reach and attacks that really, really lay the hurt down when you pull them off successfully; being the faster alternative to Ragna, albeit at slightly less damage and with no health regeneration, Jin is a simple pick-up-and-play character that, if used in the right hands, can be insurmountable.

Jin’s Astral looks pretty good…Until he pretty much freezes himself…

My only gripes with this chilly beast is that, despite his mobility being amazing when using certain attacks, he can act a bit slippery at times; some of his attacks seem to have odd detection, and you can accidentally use more of your Heat Gauge than you might’ve initially wanted to…A bit annoying when you want to show off that Astral Heat of his!!

4) Izayoi

What’s this..? PRACTICAL female clothing in BlazBlue…?!

Look at your Jin. Now back to Izayoi. Now back to Jin. Now back to Izayoi. Congrats, you’ve just began playing as Jin on pure crack cocaine. Izayoi’s mobility is near-god-like, nearly unmatched by her competitors; utilising two modes, a Normal Mode that stocks up resource to buff her attacks and use bigger combos, and a sort-of Float Mode that allows you to zip and fly across the stage easily, and to really juggle your opponent like crazy – There’s nothing more satisfying than catching your opponent off-guard, launching them into the air and laying down 20+ hits in a single combo, shattering their HP in the meanwhile.

If only the colour of her Holy Spear changed with her colour palette…

Oddly enough, my complaints with Izayoi are sat with her voice acting, actually…There’s only so many times you can hear the word “Justice” before it becomes tiresome…

3) Nu-13

Beep-boop. YandereOS V8.1 booting…Booting….Booted.

Resident Yandere and #001 member of the “RTB Fan Club” (Ragna the Bloodedge), Nu-13 is a true threat even on a competitive level with her heavy reliance on projectile weaponry – This girl’s got swords for days, and more iron than a god-damn smelting factory, allowing her to easily catch opponents off guard with a flurry of attacks, destroying their Barrier, or even better, their HP.

Yeah, I know that’s Lambda, but they share their Astral Finishes…Sooooo…

Nu-13’s offence is counteracted, however, with her somewhat poor defence – Getting out of tricky situations can be hard with Nu as her mobility is like that of a mobility scooter mixed with a good dose of rust, and her methods for evasion are less than stellar to boot. However, if you like to get the upper hand through sneaky counterattacks and backstabs, Nu might be for you.

2) Ragna the Bloodedge

Bowl-shoes never looked so good!

The traditional “Starter Character” and main protagonist of the BlazBlue franchise (For now), Ragna is often passed off as just another “Basic” character – Saying this, his applications, various attacks and on-hit-health-regeneration can be a fearful tool if you grow unfamiliar with his playstyle, with surprising range, mobility, and overall decent stats across the board, his accessible yet hard-to-master playstyle can pit him against even the strongest foes easily.

Regular health-regeneration not good enough? Why not absorb your ENTIRE ENEMY then..?!

Ragna, however, IS still limited in regards to being accessible, however. His moveset is more basic than other character’s, and can suffer as a result of poor aerial attacks and dodges, and a lack of fast and wide specials; get over this, however, and rush your opponent to the end, and Ragna might be one to stick with for a good while…

1) Es

A long sword…And an even longer…Chain of attacks to devastate you with..!

Es, my pudding-waifu and overall favourite character in all of BlazBlue ranks here at Number 1; suprised? Eh, neither am I.

There are legitimate reasons for placing her here above all else, however; whilst being a slightly harder character to learn than Jin or Ragna, Es by far makes up for her barrier to entry with her impressive aerial attacks, range and overall balance in strength and defence, being able to tank a good few hits whilst also dishing out some straight up bad-ass judgement.

Credit to λ -No.11- for creating this video. Just look at that Finish!

Es’s playstyle is a mix-of-sorts between Izayoi and Jin, with points taken from both; the only thing that holds her back is that her moveset suffers the same way Ragna’s does – A lack of variety and diversity to surprise your enemies. Overcome this, however, and learn to mix up your tactics mid-battle, and Es can carry you through (Until you get destroyed by a top-level Kokonoe or Nine player)!

So, that was my Top 5 Beginner Mains for BlazBlue! Do you have a favourite main in your fighting game? Let us know below!

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