This year’s EGX in London provided a relatively small – yet impressive – selection of games; given this, Joe has decided to pool together his opinions on his time playing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!

A Dragon Ball fan’s dream made reality.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot intrigued me ever since it’s announcement, taking the beautiful Dragon Ball FighterZ engine from Arc System Works and implementing it into a Xenoverse-styled semi-open-world RPG..? Sign me the fuck up.

Chronicling the narrative of the Saiyan, Frieza, Cell and Buu Arcs, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot puts players in the shoes of various characters across the series in order to tell the narrative, filled top-to-bottom with epic boss fights and scenes stripped straight from the manga and anime.

Having never truly sunken my teeth into Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it took a decent amount of time to adjust to the combat and movement systems, however after a few side missions, I was firing off Kamehamehas with the best of them! For demo purposes, we were dropped right at the start of the Raditz fight, a few kilometers away from his vessel’s crash site, with around 2 or 3 side missions that we could tackle if we desired – We were placed on the normal difficulty… And boy did Raditz kick my ass.

Surprisingly, Raditz put up a very decent fight proportionate to Goku’s current power level, with the fight taking a decent 5 minutes to complete, and a few Senzu Beans at my disposal to help me recover some stamina! Fights were hectic, fast and oh so gorgeous to witness, and really made me feel like I was tackling some monstrous entity that was far above my level, and felt proportionate with how the fights played out in the show and manga; I’m certainly interested to see how Super Saiyan works out!

The portion of the world that we got to witness was rather large, filled with various Ki orbs that could be collected to boost your stats and experience, however the world was largely devoid of much detail – NPCs and characters were littered around, with roaming birds and creatures in the more desolate crevasses, and cars and trucks scattered around the roads, with minimal destruction physics at play – This is one of the main areas where I felt a bit deflated from Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – I wanted to blow holes and imprints into mountainsides and cliff faces, but it seems that the best I’ll get is a small crater when pounding an opponent into the ground. What’ll they do when / if they reach Vegeta and Broly’s fight from Dragon Ball Super: Broly? Vegeta literally punches Broly through 3 mountains in Super Saiyan God Form!

Ontop of this, I’m interested to see how moveset customisation and levelling will carry over to other characters like Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, Vegeta, etc – Will we get movie content, like Broly and Janemba? Will we get Super content like Jiren, the Tournament of Power, Golden Frieza and Hit? Will we get Super Manga content like Moro? Will we even perhaps get GT or pre-Z Dragon Ball content..?

Only time will tell. But for now, at least in the short term, my interest in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has gone into Super Saiyan and has very nearly gotten me to pre-order… For now, however, I think I’ll catch up on the rest of Dragon Ball Z: Abridged… Krillin! Throw me another Senzu Bean!

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