UBISOFT! If there was ever a company with a stranger business plan then I want to hear it. So what do I mean? Look back at most multiplayer games released by them and you’ll see the trend of the game being less than stellar at first only to dramatically improve a year down the line with all the updates and UI changes! Let’s talk about the most recent example with For Honor and it’s Marching Fire update.

For Honor, for anyone who doesn’t know is a fighting game with vikings, knights and samurai smashing seven shades of shit out of each other to prove once and for all why vikings are the best… Sorry, sometimes I’m a little bit biased *cough* GOD OF WAR IS 2018 GAME OF THE YEAR!!! *ahem*… Sorry. Any-who the Marching Fire update is the biggest yet for the medieval brawler with an entirely new band of warriors joining the fray. The Wu Lin, China’s own brand of war comes to light with some interesting new fighters!

So after not playing for months, me and Luke decided to take a crack at fighting again and test out some of these new heroes. Now I started off with the Shaolin because I wanted to Kung fu people to death… Or unconsciousness I guess; Shaolin don’t kill, right? Unless they’re called Liu Kang or Kung Lao… So what did I learn right quick in a hurry? I am not good enough for that character – He’s a beast in the right hands but he’s piss weak when controlled in my gigantic paws. I was falling about spinning my staff and doing flips then getting smashed in immediately by an enemy I just couldn’t block! So I switched things up and tried the answer to the vanguard class the Tiandi. It’s like playing as the bog standard warden knight, but with more fancy sword play involved! I particularly enjoyed smashing people with some solid sword strikes then throwing in a cheeky kick! Clearly Tiandi hasn’t once skipped leg day either since they throw a kick that sends your opponent flying away like Team Rocket.

Now as for the other two fighters, I’ll be honest I left them to my fellow warrior Sir Luke; so first up he tried Nuxia, with a pair of hook swords at her disposal she looks like an apprentice to Kabal from Mortal Kombat (Yes that’s 2 Mortal Kombat references) – Now fighting her from my experience is a nightmare since she has a myriad of moves that open you up for a chain of devastation; Luke, however, couldn’t figure her out since you seem to need an advanced degree of gameplay knowledge to make use of some of these tricks, and if you mess up you’re in for a world of pain! So not long after Luke took a chance to switch to Jiang Jun. The big boy. He’s a giant with a nasty looking spear and a beard that even made me envious! Now this was more Luke’s speed, with a bunch of quick and powerful moves and a stamina tank and regent that would make Dark Souls a walk in the park. In fact since that point whenever we’ve played and Luke’s taken a loss he’s quick to bring out this Dynasty Warriors-looking meat tank to even the odds!

Also added is the new Breach mode. In a new 4v4 mode you take the role of castle defenders or on the flip side you play as the dastardly swines doing the attacking who need to guard the massive battering ram they brought along to show off to the ungrateful castle owners. Now this sounds like a good time for all, but I’ll be damned if I got more than 3 games on it; the severs for this mode are emptier than my bank account after a particularly busy weekend’s drinking… So maybe just stick with the standard Brawl and Duel modes that have servers packed with warriors ready for a beat down!

So about the title of this piece. Yeah if you’ve let For Honor pass you by, then now is definitely the time to pick it up. With some good deals out there and with the Marching Fire DLC, unlocking the new fighters is more than affordable, and they’re even free if you’re not opposed to a little bit of grinding to earn that’s sweet sweet steel – You’re definitely in for a good time! Particularly if you’ve got some friends to play with you since it’s great for settling some scores!