Destiny 2 was recently on PS Plus, so obviously after having downloaded it and finally given it a crack, I’m gonna write about it. I’ve gotta say that if you didn’t download this for free, you’re missing out… This is a view of Destiny from a complete noob point of view, so enjoy!

I truly did not expect to enjoy this as much as I have so far. I’ve spent 6 hours on it with Respawning friends on day 1, and rushed back to it the morning after to level up. By the end of the second day I had finished the campaign, reached level 20 and learnt a ton about what this game had to offer, and it has me hooked – Making me want to level up my armour (going for a red space knight vibe), play all of the daily events and make a radical space dude.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise how much I needed this type of game. I also didn’t realise that it’s basically an online space RPG (I know i’m an idiot). It has collectables, fun levelling, different abilities, lore. Everything I fucking love! So what is Destiny really?

In case you now jack shit about Destiny and are wondering whether it’s worth clearing the space on your hard drive for the download, I’m gonna lay it down. Essentially it’s Halo online (No not the fan mod), with a mixture of PVE and PVP challenges to keep you entertained. There’s a short campaign (About 9 hours) which is there to get you to level 20 and into the main game really. As with most online games the main appeal is to play for the gear you want to take on tougher enemies. The fun comes with being able to take part in a mixture of PVE and PVP events, some that combine the 2 as well. There are planets that you can explore (Which you unlock by progressing the story), which contain ‘adventure missions’ which are essentially side quests that gift you with XP or gear. There are also timed public events that anyone can take part in to unlock loot chests and gear etc; if you’ve played an MMO before, you’ve probably done a similar set of events.

Thing is I’ve never played Halo (Sony fanboi 4 lyf), and I’ve never been the biggest FPS fan but I can see this being the main FPS title I’ll play for a while (At least between Red Dead Redemption 2), and something I’ll want to play alongside Spiderman. The gameplay is fucking solid, a mixture of different weapons and special abilities make the play style almost unique, and obviously the feeling of aiming down the sights is perfect. The enemies are hugely varied as you have many different races, most of the time there are very similar types of enemies but it’s enough for me that they’re all different to look at – At the end of most levels there are bosses who are vastly varied in terms of abilities and usually take a bit of thinking, more than just pointing and shooting anyway!

In terms of items and abilities, you get a choice of 3 classes. I chose Titan as I like being a warrior and having as much resilience as possible, I then chose to be an alien humanoid type of guy (Basically shaded skin and red hair). My abilities are a Psionic Shield I can smash people with, lightning fists and I’m about to unlock fiery hammers. These abilities are basically managed with a meter bar that fills up, you trigger it and unleash hell. I personally fucking love this as an addition to the normal things you have in a shooter. It’s also worth mentioning a lot of abilities and guns are equipped with an elemental damage, these can mean they’re more effective against certain enemies, also pretty rad.

Next up we have a vast array of guns and items you can use; you always have 2 main guns and a heavy gun. Main guns are a mixture of handguns, rifles and automatic weapons. I personally stick with and assault rifle and hand cannon. The heavy weapons are usually grenade launchers, rocket launchers OR FRICKING SWORDS (Which are overpowered in a good way). The awesome thing is after the main campaign and hitting level 20 you can choose to keep the guns you prefer and build more powerful weapons into them to make them better, at the cost of materials. The same applies to your armour, you can start to build a set you like the look of, colour it with shaders and then build better gear into it to make it more powerful. This then means you want to continue to do more difficult missions to get the gear you want and build an absolutely awesome character, in comes addiction.

Essentially what I’m saying is that I really like Destiny 2 so far, and I want to carry on playing to level the fuck out of my character. I highly suggest you try it if you haven’t already, even if you did miss out when it was free on PS Plus…