Challenging new threats means finding new means of overcoming them. Turn the tide of battle and lay waste to enemies by utilizing a myriad of moves, as seen in our new Gameplay Trailer!

Find details of the combat system below:

  • Brave Order: A new battle feature, Brave Orders provide party-wide buffs to give an upper hand for a certain number of turns. They can be issued anytime within battle by using Brave Points.
  • Link Attacks: A follow-up move from comrades that is triggered when an effective attack unbalances the enemy.
  • Brave Points: Can be gained when performing an “Assist,” or consumed when using “Burst” or “Rush” in Link Attacks. Be wise in deciding when to spend them!
  • Arts & Crafts: A fundamental basis of combat, Arts draw power from equipped orbments and manifest in elemental attacks. Crafts are similar in offense, but are inherent to each character.
  • S-Craft: A specialized Craft that consumes all of the character’s Craft Points (CP). It has extraordinary animations, so be sure to witness every character’s S-Craft!

You can find the new Gameplay Trailer below:

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