Earlier today, video game developer Bethesda – known mostly for their rich RPGs and large open worlds – released an open letter to fans regarding Fallout: 76. The letter aims to address fan concerns regarding the title, as well as reach out to the community.

The letter (which may be found below in its entirety) acknowledges fan concerns over the title, and gets to one of the biggest issues plaguing it midway through. “Our worlds,” it states, “Be it Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or the coming Starfield, are important places to us. We do everything we can to treat them with care. We know they mean just as much to you. That the time you spend in them is important, and you want each time you experience one to be special and all it can be. And that with Fallout 76, you too are left wondering “What, exactly, is this?”

“The answer to that question,” the letter continues, “more than any game we’ve made, is “That’s up to you.”

Whilst that’s certainly a sort of answer, but it may not be one many fans find satisfying – least of all as the statement is followed up with the acknowledgement that the game will ship with Bethesda’s trademark buggyness. Bethesda does, however, also commit to improving the game beyond mere bug fixes, and working to refine the user experience, which is good to hear.

People’s reactions to Fallout: 76 have been mixed since it was first announced earlier this year. As revelations about the title’s lack of NPCs, pure online-only focus, and other issues have come to light, some fans (our own Will included) have made suggestions to the company on what they’re hoping this new multiplayer-focused title to be, as well as enquiring about the studio’s own vision for it. But the statement of “you too are left wondering” in the letter may imply that, right now, Bethesda may not know itself. The beta for the title begins tomorrow.