While the statement FREE GAMES, may seem a little clickbait-ish. It is exactly what I’m going to be talking about every month or so. I aim to bring you at least 5 free games each month and maybe a few extra if I’m feeling nice. So instead of dragging this intro out any longer, let’s jump into our first free game…

1. N

This is a game that I can remember playing in my lunch breaks while at school, in the library on the browser whenever the proxy server was down – While it was originally released on Windows, Mac and Linux, I always played on the browser version as it was easy to access at the time. It was released in 2004 by Metanet Software. The Game features 500 levels, 50 of which are fan made levels selected by Metanet, but more where available to download to keep playing along.

So what do you do? If you haven’t come across this game and don’t know what it is or how it plays, I would be surprised. You play as N. N is a Ninja. Your aim is to get to the exit, without dying and before time runs out. Time can be increased by picking up gold nuggets, but it’s not always worth aiming to collect all of them as this can waste more time that you will gain. Controls are simple with the arrow keys controlling left/right, jumping with shift and killing yourself with the K key.

So, how much does it cost? NOTHING, NO PAID GAMES HERE. Unless you decide to buy N++ which has 2,360 band new levels and a built-in editor that’s connected to online so you can access anyone’s creations. There is literally in infinite amount of time you could play this game. Not that you should because the next game is pretty special as well.

2. Systems Nominal

What happens when a YouTuber, decides he wants to make a game? Normally, they would go to a dev team, pitch the idea and help with the design side of the game. In the case of Nerd3, he did it himself… I mean all of it. He built a dev team around himself and is teaching himself how to code while making games for his fans.

Systems nominal is a game I would describe as more actually about teaching you how to touch type. Game play is through using the characters on a QWERTY keyboard, and as a light lights up on the game screen, the corresponding button on your keyboard is correct it. You play as a captain of a spaceship and you’re trying to keep as many systems alive as possible by typing on your keyboard. You aim is to keep these systems online until the ship is evacuated. While there may not be much to a story, the game causes a massive realisation that is really quite deep. This is one I strongly recommend you trying to complete.

So, how much does it cost? IT’S FREE GODDAMN IT. Unless you decide you wish to donate some money towards the development of future games and help stop Dan from losing his mind.

3. Emily Is Away

This is a game I reviewed fairly recently, so I won’t go into too much depth here, but its free so it goes on the list. Good story, it’s free, brilliant at bringing back nostalgia, it’s free, interesting idea on reviving a piece of history, it’s free. OK, I’m done…

It’s Free, Play it. Now… or read on, your choice.

You can check out my review of Emily is Away HERE!

4. Star Trek Online

This one may be a little hit or miss here but again, I liked it and it’s free. Star Trek Online is a MMORPG. The game has stories from the television shows and films so you can throw yourself in and smother yourself with amazing sci-fi goodness. The joy of this being an RPG though is that you get the play the game however you want. As the captain you can build your own bridge crew and lead them in both exploration, with over 100 unique star trek locations, and also into battle either on the ground or in your star ship.

The game was originally released for windows in February 2010 by Cryptic Studios but in recent years has been ported for the Xbox one and the PS4. If you have an older PC you don’t need worry too much about not being able to run the game as the minimum requirements call for a core 2 duo (an old chip), 2GB of ram (your phone probably has between 4 and 8GB), and Intel HD graphics 2000 (old stuff again).

So how much does it cost? Once again, it’s free, but you will need an account to play. Click, click, click.

5. Cookie Clicker

Oh no… it’s a free game. It consumes way too much time. It will give you Repetitive Strain Injury. It’s cookie clicker. Everyone’s favourite cookie clicking game. The aim of the game is to click a cookie. What do you get? A cookie. What can I do with the cookie? Nothing, click again. What can I do with these cookies? Buy a cookie farm. Not yet. You should buy a pointer first; it clicks so you don’t. (20 hours later) You can almost afford a portal to another dimension, what do you get? MORE COOKIES…!