Our Team!

Below you’ll find the details of all of our talented staff and members that make the life essence of Respawning – We all live, breathe and bleed Respawning at our cores, and are all one big, happy, game-reviewing family.


Luke Stone

Website Owner and PR / Marketing Director

Favourite Game/s: Final Fantasy X / Dragon Quest VIII / Nier Automata
Favourite Game Genre/s: JRPGs
Favourite Film/s: Fight Club
Favourite Film Genre/s: Action

About Me:
Back in 2016 I started Respawning in order to have an output to discuss video games and movies to my hearts content, not just that, but to create a community of like-minded gamers! You can usually find me on a JRPG these days as I like to lose myself to a game for months…

You can find all my articles here.

Joe Gribble

Website Co-Owner, Lead Editor & Website / Content Director

Favourite Game/s: Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) / Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy / Ratchet & Clank (Original)
Favourite Game Genre/s: RPG / JRPG / FPS
Favourite Film/s: Monty Python: The Life of Brian
Favourite Film Genre/s: Comedy / Action

About Me:
Having grown up surrounded by videogames, I’ve since made it a passion in life to provide the developers and publishers I love with honest, pure feedback to improve their services and our gaming experiences!

You can find my articles here.


Javier Reyeros

Team & Operations Director

Favourite Game: Skyrim / Batman: Arkham City / Pokemon Blue / Fallout 3
Favourite Game Genre: Western RPGs
Favourite Film: Avengers / The Raid 2 / V for Vendetta / Star Wars (All of them!)
Favourite Film Genre: Sci-Fi / Superhero

About Me:
Ever since I had my first Gameboy age 5 (Shortly followed by a Sega Master System 2) I’ve lived, breathed and slept video games. I am a total PlayStation fanboy and only really play my PlayStation 4 / PSVR nowadays. Any spare moment I have is spent on videogames and in turn this has turned into a professional passion which I love writing about.

You can find my articles here.


Salman Malik

Content Writer

Favourite Game/s: Metal Gear Solid 3 / Yakuza 0 / Persona 4 Golden / Devil May Cry 3
Favourite Game Genre/s: JRPG’s / Character Action / Sidescrollers / Roguelikes
Favourite Film/s: Terminator 2 / Jurassic Park / Scott Pilgrim vs the World / End of Evangelion
Favourite Film Genre/s: Horror / Comedy / Drama / Documentaries

About Me:
I’ve been playing video games since I was a wee bab, and just being completely obsessed with them ever since I got my hands on Megaman and Bass on the GBA – I learned quickly that maybe my passion for games went further than most people. I just want to experience all the amazing games I can; some people dig movies and books but for me nothing can compete with the satisfaction of beating a game that truly engrosses you. Having played so many fast paced and gameplay heavy games since I was young, it takes a while to get used to slower games which I can find boring at times, but I sure do love a good story!

You can find my articles here.


Will Jones

Video Manager

Favourite Game/s: LittleBigPlanet 2 / Life is Strange / Hearthstone / Overwatch
Favourite Game Genre/s: RPGs / Platformers / FPS games
Favourite Films: Mad Max: Fury Road / Avengers: Infinity War / Watchmen
Favourite Film Genre/s: Superheroes / Sci-Fi

About Me:
Uni of York Student, Respawning Video Manager, ‘Gorillaz’ Superfan. I love creating things and I love thinking about the art of games – Catch my game design series ‘Armchair Designer’ or stay tuned for some exciting new YouTube content soon!

You can find my articles here.


William Andrews

Content Writer & Video Creator

Favourite Game/s: Dishonored / God of War (2018)
Favourite Game Genre/s: Action Adventure
Favourite Film/s: Ready Player One / Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Favourite Film Genre/s: Action / Sci-fi

About Me:
I’m Respawning’s go-to man for over-the-top reactions or Viking facts! My name’s William. or Nomad when I’m online, and if there’s anything I love more than videogames and snacks it’s yelling at people and lifting weights! You can always count on me to make my reviews as honest and humorous as possible with my special brand of long winded metaphors and no-holds-barred opinions!

You can find my articles here.


Chris Lewis

Content Writer

Favourite Game/s: Dragon Age: Origins / Mass Effect Trilogy / Hitman: Blood Money / The Sims 3

Favourite Game Genre/s: RPGs / Turn-Based Strategy / Simulation / Open-World Sandboxes
Favourite Film/s: The entire Marvel Franchise, honestly!
Favourite Film Genre/s: Horror / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Action

About Me:
Hey, I’m an Aussie gamer who primarily plays on the PC! I’m currently studying professional writing, and am pretty lucky to be part of Respawning; I love writing, love gaming, and this place encourages plenty of both! I’m a fairly friendly, down-to-earth guy, and I’ve got a bit of a thing for old games, too; 90’s and early 00’s had some great gems, after all!

You can find my articles here.


Ben O’Brian

Content Writer

Favourite Game/s: Dirt 2 / Skyrim / Cities: Skylines / Clone Hero (Fan Made Guitar Hero for PC)
Favourite Games Genre/s: Racing / Adventure / Linear Stories
Favourite Film/s: Avatar / Tron Legacy / Fast & Furious (4)
Favourite Film Genre/s: Action / Thriller

About Me:
Hi, I’m Ben! I’ve been into playing games from the moment that I bought my first games console, the PSP – Since then, my library has mainly moved onto PC but I still play a lot of games on my PS4. Most of my childhood was spent within a church singing in the choir, so any escape into another world provided by a game was what developed my love of gaming… Now I work for a well-known UK chicken shop brand, and Respawning is how I distract myself from the daily tedium and unleash my creativity.

You can find my articles here.


Mikey Galaszia

Content Writer & Video Creator

Favourite Game/s: The Last of Us / Bioshock / God of War (2018) / Batman: Arkham Asylum
Favourite Game Genre/s: Action Adventure
Favourite Film/s: The entire MCU / The Dark Knight / Logan / Hereditary
Favourite Film Genre/s: Superhero / Horror / Sci-Fi

About Me:
I have loved video games for as long as I can remember, from the first day I picked up a SNES controller as a young lad to this day where you’ll find me hooked to my PlayStation 4. Since the PS1 days I have been a loyal PlayStation fanboy but I have also delved into Xbox and a few Nintendo consoles. There’s nothing I love more than a story driven video game and I am a firm believer that video games are one of if not the most effective story telling devices out there. I am so pleased to be able to have a platform like Respawning to share my thoughts and opinions with other like minded gamers.