Yoshi’s Woolly World. An adorable title, which unto the game it represents is absolutely more than fitting. For what the talented and clearly, joy centric minds over at Good-Feel have managed to create here, is an experience that truly personifies the definition of cute. And with this being Nintendo’s seventh flagship outing to feature the loveable green dinosaur. The uniqueness this game has to offer is certainly a refreshing, yet none intrusive adaptation to such a classic platforming recipe.

Right from the game’s booting up, the player will be graced by a warm, fuzzy melody. A gentle tune that indeed sets a wonderful precedent for all that is yet to come. And I don’t just mean the music. For the grand pallet of sensory pleasures this game has to offer, manages to attain a level of complementary perfection that is so rarely reached in interactive media.

You see, admits the layers of this colourful woolly world, everything and I mean not a single uninspired remainder. Literally all things, are crafted from either; delightfully realistic looking yarn or some-such equally true to life textile. From Yoshi himself and his many simple, but just as charming alternate-skins, right on through to every enemy, terrain, collectible and even ammunition. The degree of charisma this game’s aesthetics uphold is truly unlike anything else and should played at least once on the basis of this merit alone.


Though as many might say: ‘Graphics aren’t what make a game.’ A statement that I certainly agree with, provided that the developers do not altogether abandon the potential allure of visual style. And in the case of Yoshi’s Woolly World, when it’s masterfully thought-out coat of paint is, analytically set aside. The game mechanics that are brought into the forefront don’t by any means, pale in comparison. Sure on occasions the player will fall a frustrated victim to the aggravations of an unfair death. And having to replay a handful of stages more than once, so to grab those last few hidden collectibles, is an inevitability for you ‘completionists’ out there. These minor gripes however, are quite typical of the platforming genre at this point. And when they’re the only few cons this endearing reptilian’s 7th instalment has held against it, any gamer worth their sault should be able to clearly see this game’s potential.


Thus, in perhaps more definitive words. Should you be in the mood for an expertly crafted, visually distinct, platforming adventure that is just brimming with that classic Nintendo charm. Then look no further than Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Wii U. The sheer brilliance behind its level design and overall style, may just have you reminiscing of the good old days, sat in front of that CRT. Truly a hidden gem.


– By Louie Chudley