Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 will be getting its first – and last – major update on April 22nd. The update contains the Super Mario World 2 style, a world maker, and more!

A ton of new power-ups join the game: Mario can become his Super Mario 2 self, gaining the ability to stand on and pick up enemies; the Frog Suit allows him to swim fast and run on water; the P-Balloon powerup allows for controlled flight, and other whackier additions – like a wearable Goomba mask that makes enemies neutral, and a wearable cannon – join the tool set!

The Koopalings return for use, alongside other new enemies like Mechakoopas, and new utilities, like on/off trampolines!

The world builder is robust, and allows players to make a map ala Super Mario World. The world builder allows you to place your courses on a grid, and create and decorate the overworld in a variety of themes and decor pieces. These worlds can be linked together to create a ‘super world’ of up to 8 worlds, and 40 different courses!

Nintendo’s original presentation may be found below.

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