I don’t really know where to start with this but here goes – Farming Simulator is probably one of the most boring games I’ve played. I know that sounds weird and kind of obvious since it’s quite literally a game based on real life farming but god DAMN I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to press the Home button and play Zelda or something else more than I did with this game.

There’s a whole lot you can do like drive a tractor, attach that tractor to stuff. Use that stuff to do farm stuff. And then sell that stuff you farmed to farm more stuff. The vehicles do feel pretty alright to drive around and it can be fun to just ride around the open world. I think the worst part about this game is that it’s on the Switch. Right off the bat you could tell that this game is pretty much meant to be played on a keyboard since holding down the left bumper then going through a bunch of commands for different vehicles is probably one of the most cumbersome and annoying things about the game.

Now I get that some games aim for realism to a crazy degree and most of the times it’s games like Farming Simulator and Truck Simulator that do it. I’m just not too big on being overly realistic in games unless it’s something impressive. And this game isn’t really realistic, it’s just depressing at times.

There are three difficulties in the game. One where the economy is awful, crops sell like shit and you start out with debt. One where everything is too perfect and too easy. And one where everything is just right. I chose the easiest difficulty for my playthrough since I just wanted to have a good time and relax but even then the game felt awful to play.

One thing I have to mention is the tutorial. It’s the most enjoyment I got out of the whole game since it was short and taught me pretty everything I needed to do. But as soon as I plopped down into a new game I was lost and afraid. And I would have rather just replayed the tutorial a bunch of times.

I never really looked into what makes this game so special but from I can tell all these Simulator Games are kinda buggy and it sure does show in this game – at random times, my tractor flipped over more than once and sometimes weird random texture glitches pop up outta nowhere.

Also what on earth is up with that price tag. $49.99, I was reluctant to take this game even when I got it for free. I just wanna bump up my Switch library and now I feel like I dirtied it or something.

It doesn’t help that the game also just looks like ass. And I’m not saying that the graphics are bad (they aren’t really). They’re just alright, but the colors and look of everything in this game is a muddy brown and it ends up looking nasty. At least the game plays out at a stable frame-rate and I don’t think I encountered any frame-rate issues while I was playing.

I know I’m being too mean to this game since it’s boringly inoffensive. I wish there was at least something here for me because then I could give it some praise. I know for a fact that there are people out there who enjoy this game and games like this – more power to you all and I’m sure this game must improve upon a lot of things but since this is my first simulator game ever I just found it to be a real stinker.

I would rate Farming Simulator 4 | 10