Looks like a good time to have an apatite.

Fans of the hit show Hannibal will be pleased to know Bryan Fuller has stated on his twitter that discussion has begun for a fourth season. The shows third season ended way back on August  29th 2015 and fans have been dying to see more of this delicious tale. When asked on Twitter about any news, he made it clear that executive producer Martha De Laurentiis has started the necessary conversations.

Fuller has always been public about his desire to bring the show back, however until the 29th the rights for the characters are not up for grabs. When the third season aired there was public discussion about who would take up the streaming rights with Netflix and Amazon being contenders. However nothing happened in the end and the project seemed to vanish. Despite this Fuller is always making it clear through any medium that he loves the show and the fanbase surrounding it.

There has not been any indication as to weather Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy would be returning to play their main roles. However Fuller recently stated that his idea for season 4 would feature Hannibal and Will once again and commented on their amazing chemistry on screen. Everyone is up for the idea of the show to return, all we can do at home is wait until the end of the month to see if anymore news turns up. As a huge fan of the show when it released I am looking forward to see the fantastic film making at work once again. To see Mads and Hugh on screen together once again would be a treat I’m sure we all have room for.

Looking for an early serving? Go ahead and catch up on the show on Netflix! It’s a good place to get into the show as season 4 talks are beginning.