Well stone the crows I am honestly shocked that VR Blair Witch hadnt happened sooner…it makes sense to go this route right? Virtual Reality in horror is a match made in spooky heaven and just in time for the spooookkiest day of the year too.

In this game you play a character looking for his friends (the original Blair Witch characters) in an attempt to gain some closure about their whereabouts, you are psychologically ambushed with the Blair witch messing with your head and appearing out the corner of your eye but you are not alone…you have a dog chum helping you along the way and guys…guys…you can pet the dog, just on that game of the year…I’m kidding I’ve not played this yet but it does look pretty cool and intense, as I said I’m surprised this wasn’t done earlier.

Blair Witch Oculus Quest is out now, if you’ve played it let us know what you think, if you’re interested in this game and want to see more there is a cool live action trailer below.

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