It only feels like yesterday that I was here writing about the god damn Robocop being in Mortal Kombat 11, a revelation and moment that cemented MK as “Super Smash with Gibbing”. Now here I am again to talk about Kombat Pack 2 and the magical cast of characters it has brought with it!

If you’ve been anyway near MK online the last few months, you will have seen the truly massive fan demand for Mileena to be added to the game. Fans of the purple clad monster woman have been begging and demanding her inclusion, taking it to the highest levels of NetherRealm and bombarding poor Ed Boon with “When Mileena?” on any post he uploaded! It was a nightmare to witness but set into the slavish devotion of her fanbase, the people had spoken and the devs listen, the true Kahn is back.

Not much of her playstyle has changed since her last appearance in MKX. Mileena is still all about movement and hit and run tactics. Using teleports and rolls she can hit you from 3 different angles before you even notice one of them! Her design has had a major revamp too, obviously she is pretty similar to her “sister” Kitana but with the glaring changes of a different colour wardrobe and MASSIVE SCARY TEETH! Yes, the MKX design of teeth with some oddly placed normal lips is gone and Lady Mileena once again has massive jaws for ripping and tearing, which she uses very liberally to tear her foes apart. Here fatalities are predictably some of the more gruesome ones in game, including some classic face ripping and one that turns her into a spinning saw blade of gore! Safe to say classic Mileena fans won’t be disappointed here.

MAKE IT RAINNNNN! Rain is back after a hiatus a little longer than Mileena and without the same rabid fan devotion, us Rain Mains (yes, I did enjoy that rhyme thank you) are a calmer more collected lot. The Edenian prince is back to use water in a far more violent fashion than those boring water benders in Avatar. Rain as always has a fairly fun and unique combat style that seems best suited to counters and grabs, punishing foes stupid enough to get a little too close. As I said most of his special abilities center around water with a few bolts of lightning chucked into the mix (suck it Raiden) topping of this mixed bag of moves is a pair of fantastic fatalities, it doesn’t feel like a stretch to say Rain has the BEST fatality in the entire game, with the round the world kick being followed by a fantastic queen reference featuring the other beloved but not yet featured ninja character, Rain is taking a punt at being the best character in this add on!

Finally, there’s the big sell, the continuation of the Smash style guest roster, and a big fat pay check for an aging actor. RAMBO! The biggest and toughest of the 80s murder glorifying heroes, Rambo packs a punch and a bunch of tramps and sneaky attacks that make him a surprisingly good fighter for those of us who love a little bit of zone control. Voiced by the man himself Sly Stallone, Rambo brings the pain with a near endless combo of movie references and movements that your dad will assure you was “something he did in that police station bit” Fatalities however is a bit of a let-down, Rambo doesn’t really do anything to unique or fun, couple more references to scenes in the films but not particularly fun or exciting. Really the most fun you can have with the one-man army is to keep pulling hidden M60s out of the ground and firing nonstop!