Wah, wah, wah my name’s Javier and although gaming is pretty much my only hobby nowadays I can’t afford to buy the console I’ve been most anticipating over the last year or so. So to justify the fact that I can’t afford it I’m writing a whole article with the reasons I’m not buying a PS5. Totally not salty and bitter!

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way shall we, I simply can’t afford it. 2020 has been the mother fucker of all year (within my life time) and it has done everything humanly possible to ensure that I have no money. I had credit for the Switch this year that I thought I’d easily pay off in time, I only just paid it off in the last month of my 0% credit agreement, because of furlough etc. This is my message to you (rudy) that if you can’t afford one then DON’T BUY ONE. We all take risks putting things on credit but no one can predict what’s going to happen over the next year or so, so until I can comfortably afford at last £300 of the console I won’t be getting one.

Anyway I am still totally in love with my last console purchase, Ok well I’m actually still in love with both my switch and my PS4, but the switch deserves HUGE praise. A very very small part of me doesn’t know if the PS5 will satisfy me as much as my switch has. Not 1 day has gone by where I’ve regretted having a long ass credit agreement for this little baby. I still adore the fact that I can play it almost anywhere and I’ve spent way more time on it whilst locked at home than I thought I would, especially recently after getting Ni No Kuni on offer I’ve been playing it non stop. Being able to grind away at a JRPG whilst having TV on in the background will never get old, plus it adds way more gaming time.

Check out my fav switch video I’ve done:

Also I’m just not that hyped about the launch line up, apart from Demon’s Souls and Astrobot there’s nothing on offer that I can’t get for PS4 and if the internet is to be believed (it’s never wrong) then apparently some of the next gen versions aren’t that much better! I am almost definitely getting Miles Morales on PS4 and I already have Valhalla, those would have been my other 2 games. Of course I’m super hyped to play Demon’s souls, it looks incredible but I still haven’t finished most of the other Souls games on my list so I really relish the extra time with those before taking on the the next generation of punishing games, and Astrobot will be very fun but likely very short. So when I look at it like that…..nah I’m not that hyped and I can feel better about waiting a little bit to get the console.

Next week I’ll be breaking down my dream launch line up for PS5 which would have convinced me to buy a PS5. For now you can watch the things Mike’s gonna do when he gets his (totally not jealous):