Hello and welcome to the next generation of Consoles! Whilst I am aware that the entire rest of the planet outside of Europe already has their PS5 consoles… We still have another 5 days to wait! I am aware that it’s only 5 days and I am being an impatient pig… but I don’t care.

So with this in mind and while I can’t actually play the games yet, I have been stockpiling a few PS5 titles ready for when that behemoth of a console finally hits my house, so without further ado: Here are the handful of games I will be getting for the PlayStation 5 and why!

Demons Souls

You look nothing like your profile picture…

Look I am going to get this out of the way right now… I was actually sold on the entire prospect of getting the PS5 BECAUSE the remake of the imperfectly perfect Demon’s Souls was announced and yes I get it: Luke likes the Souls games.

But here is why you should also take this opportunity to finally get into the Souls franchise with the release of this remake.

Demon’s Souls was originally released for the PS3 in the really early days of the console and whilst it was far from perfect when it comes to the franchise it spawned, you constantly got the feeling that it was only being held back by the technology it was presented on. You could tell that Miyazaki had a dream that he wanted to show us but was constantly hampered by the power of the PS3.

Demons Souls is also just a really good entry point for getting into the Souls franchise and this is due to 2 parts. First and simply because it was the first of the Soulsbornes and plays as such, but secondly and definitely mostly: It shows in the difficulty that this is the preferred entry point in the franchise.

I initially came to Demon’s Souls after playing through Dark Souls a few times but the main thing I noticed with the game was that, in comparison, it wasn’t quite as hard as Dark Souls was by any means. The game still presents you with that trademark challenge we have come to expect – but not to the same level as the insurmountable odds that the Dark Souls follow up threw at players.

If you have ever been on the fence and want to finally jump into the Souls franchise, now is the best time to get involved!

Spiderman: Miles Morales

You’re the sunflower

I gave Spiderman PS4 one of my very few 10/10’s ever. For me, the game was perfect and I loved all 5 of my playthroughs as Peter Parker. The entire time though I was begging for Miles focused DLC and when Miles Morales was announced I wont be ashamed to admit that I shed a tear of excitement for the title.

Whether it’s in animated format, comic books or video games: I love Miles Morales. There is something about him that just gives him an extra edge over Peter and where my boy Petey is nerdy – Miles is just cool as hell.

I cannot wait to Swing around as Miles and if the reviews are to be believed… I am totally correct to by excited by this.

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Raven: “You hear the one about Thor and Loki?”

I have played a fair bit of Valhalla already and reviewed the game giving it a 9/10 but the reason it makes this list is because since my review, I have run into countless bugs and even lost my save file a few times in the process.

My gut feeling is telling me that Valhalla is pushing my poor launch PS4 into submission and that’s what is causing these issues (think Shadow of Mordor on PS3 *SHUDDERS*) So I am looking forwards to giving the game the much needed power boost it so obviously requires.

As it stands, Valhalla is completely unplayable on my console and whilst I feel an absolute NEED to love it… Its going to have to sit on the shelf for another 5 days!


We need to go through the Devils Anus

God bless the grind! Godfall is firmly on my list as I was looking for a game to hit some grinding with my pals that wasn’t Destiny and Godfall seems to tick all the boxes for me. My main hope with this title is that it simply presents more of an endgame than Anthem.

I actually loved Anthem right up to the end and then the whole thing burned in a trashfire, so as long as Godfall presents me with a similar loot heavy package that doesn’t shit itself by the end – we are onto a winner!

Honorable Mention: Watch Dogs Legion

You want some? I’ll give it ya!

This one just gets an honorable mention because I have already loved and finished Legion on my PS4. HOWEVER as soon as that coop mode rolls out on the next gen console I will be redownloading the title and smashing through it all over again.

If you haven’t had a chance then I implore you to play Watch Dogs Legion

So what are YOU getting for the PS5? Let me know in the comments below!