The Sims 4 featured at this year’s EA Play, and with it came a few new announcements – Most notably, the new Game Pack ‘Island Living’, which sets players in a tropical Polynesian-inspired island world that features a whole slew of new features!

Sims can now swim in open waters, clean pollution from the sandy shores with the new Conservationist Active Career, set up Fishing and Lifeguard posts for a bit of extra money, snorkel, float in the salty waters, ride on speedy Aquazips, and befriend a host of aquatic life like Mermaids (Which you can transform your Sims into) and Dolphins!

Additional to this, the Island Living Game Pack will feature a whole host of new Build Mode items, clothing items, hairstyles and activities, such as sunbathing, festival dancing, ‘Carva’ traditional drink mixing and Elemental Ghost chanelling!

The Sims 4 Island Living will be available on June 21st on PC & Mac, and on July 16th on consoles.

A new collaboration was also announced focusing on Pride and Pride-related items, featuring popular YouTuber Joey Graceffa – It should be noted however that there are already a large number of mods that implement an absolutely gargantuan number of Pride-related materials, so this is hardly groundbreaking.

This collaboration will be available on The Sims 4, and on both The Sims Mobile and The Sims Free Play. Combined with this, clothing brand Moschino is also getting it’s own collaborative Stuff Pack in the form of the Moschino Stuff Pack, which aims to add clothing and furniture inspired by the brand. Additional to this, a new career is to be added in the form of the Freelance Fashion Photographer career.

Finally, the next Game Pack was announced, focusing on magic and the mystical side of The Sims. This Game Pack is unnamed as of time of writing, and will gain more information detailing it later this year.

So what did you think of these details Sims fanatics? Let us know in the comments below!

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