So how about that Cyberpunk huh? We’ve been inundated with news about this dumpster fire for the last few weeks. It’s become the main nerd talking point, everyone is bringing their opinions to the table, most of whom weren’t even asked, go figure. I obviously picked up a copy myself thinking it could be a great new title to keep me busy over the Christmas period, so I’d not be forced to rely on my families amazing conversation skills…

Dude…get your feet away from my pancakes

Unfortunately, I learned fast that this wasn’t really the game for that, in fact it didn’t feel like a game for anything, Cyberpunk 2077 was a bit of a train wreck, at least on the last gen on consoles. I spoke to my go to Respawning PC expert Lance who told me the game ran pretty well on PC and he had been having a great time. This told me one thing, beneath the bugs and glitches (some of which were really funny) There is a shining AAA game buried here that just needs a chance.

When the option came up for a refund then I saw plenty of people clamouring to return their copy, the disappointment bubbling over into them spewing hatred online like their opinion was the only one that mattered. I refrained from sending my own copy back since I held onto the belief that there was a great game here, something I had been waiting for, for almost a decade. Just a few patches needed to be done.

This is what happens when you get laser eye surgery

CD Projekt are one of the best Devs in the business, their games always feel like they have been made with much more passion than others and there is a real feeling of love in everything they produce. Cyberpunk is no different, this is a game world that feels lived in and slaved over (and those stories of crunch do feel a little slave like…) Much like The Witch 3 had a world that didn’t just feel populated by 1s and 0s but by some real people. Though I will admit there is a lack of polish to most NPCs as they don’t tend to react in ways that make any sense… e.g reacting to a car mounting the curb by sprinting INTO said car. Also, the police in game are infamous for their ability to teleport like f*cking Nightcrawler! You’ll be on a rooftop, miles from anyone, lob a grenade and before you know it a cop is sneaking up behind you with a shotgun trained on your back.

You brought a knife to a laser fight you mohawked idiot…

Really there is a lot to love in Cyberpunk, but I feel most people were expecting the Witcher, with prosthesis. The bugs and glitches have definitely soured its release and makes me think maybe they should have nipped the idea to release on the last gen in the bud. Made it exclusive to the next gen of consoles and PC so fans could enjoy it at it’s best, and the team working so hard to get it all to run smoothly wouldn’t have had to worry about cramming all that data onto a system that could no longer run it. CD Projekt are better than this, you know it and I do too, so let’s give them a chance to fix their mistake and not jump on the hate band wagon just yet. Definitely don’t support the bastards currently suing the team, I mean…you still want Witcher 4 right?

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