It doesn’t feel too long ago that I reviewed my last piece of anime filth… A game that I despise more than anything in this world, a game that I wouldn’t even call a game but rather a form of torture. Knowing that people had paid money for it filled my heart with dread and hopelessness for our society. I am of course talking about, Senran Kagura Reflexions.

…And how fitting that my return to reviewing such garbage is that I must review a game from this same series that broke me many moons ago.

So in comes Senran Kagura: Peach Ball, a much more promising-looking game because… Well… It looks like a game. And put quite simply, it’s pinball, and who doesn’t love a little pinball.

When it comes to pinball, you kind of just want it to be satisfying and for it to look really pretty… And I can easily say that this is one of the most pinball-iest games I’ve ever played.

…Besides the extravagance, it’s also probably also the horniest, raunchiest pinball game in existence.

In typical Senran Kagura fashion, the game actually has a decent bit of content, but that content is only tailored for people who like to dress up their anime dolls and listen to the series’ soundtrack. Oh, and killer art too.

You can unlock a whole lot in this game, and it’s actually fun to unlock stuff since you’re just playing a really well-made pinball game. You also have a story-mode that serves its purpose to explain why there’s a half-naked girl in the middle of my pinball table when I just want to play the game like a good Christian boy.

…Wait… Oh… You hit her… With balls… Nice.

…Right, so the story is that the Senran girls accidentally get into one of the girls’ experiments, and turn into half-animal girls who are horny… I guess?

So the only solution is to hit them with this ball called the Peach Ball, which will turn them back with enough vibrational force… So essentially, hit the girls with balls to stop the horny. Cool.

Besides the story, you have free play mode which is where you’re going to spend most of your time after you realise you don’t actually care about the story, and just want to play some wholesome pinball, and then you have your dressing room and content viewing modes as usual. Additional to this, you have a diorama mode so you can display your anime waifu on screen without having to buy an expensive figure that’ll disappoint your parents!

Overall I’d say that this game is actually, good. Yeah; I don’t have any complaints about it really. It’s just horny pinball. It has decent gameplay, feels good, has a bunch of content to unlock, and even an unnecessary story mode. It’s a game and that’s more than I could ever say about the last game in this series, which was just a groping simulator that made me feel like I needed a shower after I was done.

I just kind of wish we got more ACTUAL Senran Kagura games, with better, deeper combat that actually would keep me invested. I love this series for its efforts, but sometimes you just need to take time and make some good-ass gameplay instead of silly side games. Give me a Senran Kagura game with the same depth as Devil May Cry. Then we’ll talk.

I’d give Senran Kagura: Peach Ball a:

7.0 / 10

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