Recently I’ve been really getting into Smash Bros; I’ve been playing Ultimate since it came out, but I haven’t been playing it with as much excitement as I am now… And that rests only on the fact that I somehow wrangled up all my friends to play Smash with me, and they actually enjoy it and they’re getting better each time they play.

That’s one thing I really love about fighting games in general. It’s their way of bringing people closer through brutal competition and destruction of one’s ego – It’s practice, practice, practice, but also support from all your homies who vow to never go easy on you.

And what better game to bring people closer than Smash Bros? A true celebration of gaming as a whole, and an absolute powerhouse in the fighting genre. With its unique combat, easy to pick up controls and large cast of characters, there’s no wonder why people fucking love this series. There’s like a 7 hour documentary about Melee for Christ’s sake!

With the newest iteration of Smash comes newer characters, every Smash reveal has been an absolute banger with the fanbase. You got Joker, Terry, Hero, and Banjo & Fuckin’ Kazooie, and on January 16th the final character for the Fighters Pass was revealed. 

Before I talk about the reveal itself let’s talk about what Capcom’s been up to during this time. They’ve been sneakily releasing Devil May Cry games on the Switch as of late, and the third one – arguably the most iconic one – is set to be released in February with some special announcements being sprinkled throughout until release. One of these special announcements was set to be revealed the exact same day as the Nintendo Direct… 

Now if that isn’t a coincidence then I don’t know what the fuck is – Everyone and their mom were set to believe that Dante was going to be a part of Smash, and everyone had a decent enough reason to believe it too. 

But when the time came and everything was set into place our good friend Mr. Sakurai decides to unveil… Byleth. The player character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 

My opinion on Fire Emblem characters in Smash are as such; yes, there are way too many. No, I don’t think we need more. Yes, they are still fun because every character added to the game always gives you something new, and I’m sure Byleth is gonna be awesome… So I’ll stop being one of those stinky Smash fans who cry about a character with a sword being revealed that isn’t the character with the sword they wanted. 

Though Dante would be pants-shittingly good, I just think we all looked into the coincidence way too much and got burned because of it. Which is, to be fair, not new to the Smash fanbase.

Who knows, he might be in the next Fighters Pass alongside Doom Slayer, Master Chief and Geno… Who am I kidding, Geno’s never gonna be in Smash and your dreams are worth ass-all to Sakurai. Stop complaining and have fun with what you’re getting! Some people actually love the fact that the character you didn’t want is in the game, not because you didn’t want them, but because they did. 

Anyways, Nintendo’s gotta promote the hotness that is Three Houses, and I gotta respect that. Maybe next time Dante… Your time will come eventually… It always does.

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