That’s right folks, in a recent community update, Motive, the devs behind the extremely fun Star Wars Squadrons have revealed that a big new content drop is coming.

Among the updates will be new cosmetics, including a Chiss character skin for the Imperials who want to pay respects to their hero Thrawn. A new map, custom matches for those who hate to compete with the whole world, and best of all… new ships!!!

The oddly shaped but still beloved B-wing for the New Republic and the menacing TIE Defender for the Imperials will soon be selectable and stalking the star ways!

producer Thomas Mir had this to say on adding the new fighters

“How could we not [add it]?” Mir asks with a laugh. “It’s such an iconic ship.”

The B-wing fighter stands out from the fleet as New Republic pilots take the helm of the starfighter with a gyroscopic control system. The pilot stays upright in the cockpit as the wings swivel around them, creating a one-of-a-kind experience in Squadrons. “It will work the same whether you’re in VR or in a traditional display,” Mir says. “It’s a fun and unique mechanic.”

the update is due November 25th and you can be sure the team will be on to get some footage with these new craft!