It’s been a running joke in Respawning for a while now that I just haven’t played much. Yeah, I’ve played a lot of niche games over the last few years, but big, blockbuster releases? Well… It’s safe to say that I’m lacking in that regard.

But why is this? Why have I seemingly fallen out of the most recent trends in gaming..? Well, there’s three main reasons; the Nintendo Switch, my work here at Respawning, and, well… Having a partner.

Let’s start at the first one – One of the biggest reasons why I’ve halted my advances into the biggest hits of the generation is mainly due to this little handheld console hybrid; the Nintendo Switch has taken over my gaming primarily, and, whilst I’ve experienced key titles like Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, I’ve yet to indulge in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Astral Chain or Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Why? Well, because I’m honestly quite contempt. These games aren’t exactly going anywhere, and I’ve seen so much buzz around them that I’ve almost come to an automatic consensus that “Yeah, these games are good – I’ll put them on the list”… When the list is already over 40 games long.

This means that a lot of stuff gets sifted out – PlayStation exclusives, major releases, new PC games and more have been in this sifting process, like Spider-Man, NieR Automata, God of War, Destiny and Destiny 2, Death Stranding, and even The Last of Us. I own most of these games (Well, not NieR Automata or Death Stranding), but I’ve not even taken them out of their shrink-wrap… And that leads me to my second point.

My partner plays games. Which, in-of-itself is both a blessing and a curse – For one, I have an eternal co-op partner, and someone who I can show cool games to, and be introduced to new games by! Awesome! On the other hand, single player experiences are primarily a once-played once-watched situation, where I’ll watch my partner play through a game like Spider-Man, Witcher 3 or The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and I’m satisfied. I’ve seen the gameplay, I’ve seen the story, and all the cool bits… Why would I go and play through it myself? This isn’t just exclusive to me, either; my partner hasn’t played any Kingdom Hearts games asides from the first one, all because I’ve played through them all, and she’s watched me do it – It means we miss out on the fully-immersive experiences and instead get a glorified Let’s Play… Which is both great and not-great.

So not only am I glued to my Switch, and surrounded by games being played 24/7 in our home (Obviously not including sleeping, eating, and doing other things and activities), but I’m also working whilst being totally immersed in games. As this site’s primary editor, I read through everything that we put out… All of the reviews, tips, impressions, news… Everything. Because of this, I get an impression on certain games, and almost live through the content on the site as a sort of firm impression. Why would I sit down to play a game that I’ve just read four-or-so 1500 word articles about? Your brain gets fried trying to push you in the direction where you’ve already been inundated with content and information regarding it. It’s like taking an exam after weeks of studying – You won’t be excited to test yourself, you’d just hate it and want it over as quickly as possible… And that’s just not fun for me.

So there you have it! My testimony. Excuse? My cry for help? I have no idea! But one thing is for certain… At least I have a lot to keep me busy! Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience in the past down there in the comments!

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