Valnir Rok is falling upon hard times. A Kraken is loose threatening the peace. Will the people of Valnir Rok survive or fall victim to a gruesome death?

Valnir Rok is a Multiplayer survival game in which you take your destiny into your own hands and will determine your own destiny between fearless Vikings, cunning traders and cruel beasts! 

NPC: A new legendary enemy, the kraken arrived
Gameplay: Adjusted frost damage
Building: Totems for buildings last longer
Gameplay: Load capacity adjusted
Sound: drinking, jumping, horse riding, eating, potions.
Character Creator: Zoom In/Out.
Character Creator: Randomizer creates better characters.
Character Creator: Extremes slightly revised.
Character Creator: Button female/male upper left corner.
Character Creator: Keyboard letters [F] instead of text “press F to interact”.
Character Creator: Redesign of Ability UI.
Quests: Larger question marks for quest givers.
Mount: Falldamage especially for horseriding.
Building: Building disappearance after logout.
Gameplay: Clan members are no longer accidentally kicked out of the clan,
Combat: Aiming position fixed.
Combat: Weaponless fighting adjusted.
Combat: Bow no longer shoots when clicking in inventory.
Combat: Animationstuck of “Unnoc Arrow” fixed.
Combat: Arrow is not removed from the inventory anymore when the arrow is put back.
World: Stumps of chopped trees do not move anymore.

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