Battlefield V’s Chapter 4 (Defying the Odds) and Chapter 5 content seasons just got a whole lot more detailed with Battlefield V’s recent session at EA Play 2019!

Featuring an increased rank cap from 50 to 500, new dogtags, champion coins and rank icons, players will be able to enjoy ten times the levelling joy in Battlefield V… And you’ll need it with these new maps.

Shown off first was a brand new map, Marita, a vertical-focused map set in Greece, where Allied Forces have bunkered down and gained control of this sleepy settlement… Until the Axis Forces invade; this map is extremely infantry focused, lacking any tanks or airships, focusing instead on close-quarters. Marita launches in July as a part of Chapter 4.

Shown off next was Al Sundan, set in the African wilderness, Axis Forces have militarised the area, covering it in air towers, bases and checkpoints – It draws heavy inspiration from the campaign map Under no Flag, which has been faithfully converted and adapted into a fully-fledged wide-scale multiplayer battlefield. Featuring ‘classic Battlefield-inspired’ gameplay, and an absolutely huge scale, Al Sundan will test even the most tightly knit teams when it arrives on June 27th as a part of Chapter 4.

Shown off next were the Lofeten Islands, a set of Nordic islands nestled in Norway, fit with oceanic environments, limited land and tight structures; after this, players can expect to tackle their foes in a similarly tight map, Prevonce, when both arrive as part of Chapter 4 in August.

After August, there’ll be a slight content drought as maps come to a halt… However that’s not to say there won’t be innovations! Private games and servers make their way to all Battlefield V players for free this September, similar to the custom servers of old.

Finally for Chapter 4, the famed map from Battlefield 3, Operation Metro, is gaining a reimagining in the form of Operation Underground – A WW1-set version of the same map fit with new areas, new destructible pathways and new flank points – Operation Underground will launch in October, between Chapter 4 and 5.

As for Chapter 5, there was a small amount detailed; the Chapter appears to primarily focus on a conflict between the Japanese forces and US forces, featuring amphibious vehicles, a map set in Iwo Jima, and a variety of Japanese and American weaponry.

Finally, to cap everything off, it was announced that gamers can enjoy Battlefield V on the EA Access Vault on PC, and on PS4 when the service launches next month.

What did you think of these announcements? Let us know down below!

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