The Xbox Series X and Series S are out this week with the PlayStation 5 releasing next Friday, and I’m not getting any of them, at least for a while. At the end of my ‘Eighth Console Generation Gaming Awards’ feature from last week I concluded with ‘I am incredibly excited to see what experiences and moments the ninth generation will bring’ and while that is still the case a lot can change in one week. Just look at the Cyberpunk 2077 release schedule!

First of all the exclusives on both sides are, in my opinion, profoundly weak for launch line-ups. I know a lot of you are smugly thinking I’ve forgotten Bugsnax exists, and while I will definitely play it eventually, I remember all too well how Octodad was a great advertisement for the PS4 in 2013 but ultimately didn’t even get four hours of playtime from me. Bugsnax will likely go down the same route.

Serial killers dream this.

The only title I was vaguely interested in was Destruction All-Stars but as that’s been delayed to February 2021 (for now) there isn’t a single exclusive to convince me to pay up for a new console. Making Destruction All-Stars a free game with PlayStation Plus is a nice move but let down by the fact it entices me towards the PS5 three months from now as opposed to at its launch.

I find it funny how I’ve never got on with the Soulsborne franchise, and now here we are the beginning of a brand new generation with one as the frontrunner for most popular launch title. There’s Miles Morales as well, but I feel like I’ve already played the bulk of that game on my PS4 already. At least Demon’s Souls can only be better than Knack!..

Colour me terrified

At time of writing the UK is in its second lockdown, so I’ve been furloughed from my job as a paint taster, and am confined to my home once again. As November is typically the most hectic month of the year for game releases this would normally be a blessing in disguise, but as I have already had FIVE months off on furlough between March and August this year I’ve played as many games as I could in that time and am still burnt out from it now.


I had saved enough money to purchase one of the new consoles at launch if they were available, which they aren’t, so because of that and the lack of new games I want I’m stuck in an envious limbo of wanting the new consoles most people are getting, but am also unwilling to part with my cash for a machine that doesn’t do anything I want yet.

I’ve bought five games in the last month for PS4, including my most anticipated title of the year: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is set to launch tomorrow at time of writing, and I am also occasionally dipping in to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered which I will have a review for on the site and our YouTube channel today.

Prety much how Will sees himself, don’t break that illusion…

Money burns a hole in my pocket something fierce, and as I haven’t had a recording session for my music in six months, I decided to do something with this console money rather than keep sitting on it. I have just bought myself a brand new recording setup so I can use my furlough time to start working on my second album, currently creatively titled ‘Album2’.

I mean it when I say I hope everyone who has purchased a next-gen console gets all they want from it, but while you’ll be playing Demon’s Souls and Miles Morales, I’ll be recording some good old fashioned wicked shit for the next Void Euphoric Records release. My first album, Eccentricity, has been out three months now and is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music!

Shameless self plug

Thank you for reading, enjoy your new console (if applicable) and I’ll catch you again soon!