The time has finally come, the PS5 will be officially released tomorrow in the US and next week here in the UK. I for one am struggling to contain my excitement which has resulted in this article where I’m just going to abandon any sense of professionalism (if there was any to begin with) and blurt out every little thing I’m going to do when my shiny new PS5 arrives at my door next Thursday. 

So settle in and remember to let me know the first thing you’re going to do when you get your PS5 or Xbox Series X in the comments below.

As always you can check out the video version of this article in the link below if you prefer.

1. Unbox it!

Yeah no shit right!? What else am I going to do first when I finally have my hands on the box, lick it? Ohhh maybe I’ll lick it.. Wait no, I’ll catch Covid. ANYWAY. My point is that unboxing a brand new console is half the excitement of launch day. From getting hit with that brand new smell to finally putting hands on the machine you’ve only seen in pictures and videos to this point, it’s all a bit of an adrenaline rush. Am I right? Or am I just a weirdo who’s now realising I’m the only one sniffing console boxes..

2. Make a big life decision – Stood up right or laid on its side?

Even this close to release I have no idea how I’m going to display this bad boy. Throughout my gaming life I have never stood a console up, they’ve always been on their side for me. The PS5 however is making me question my age old tradition due to its unique and futuristic design. Every promotional image has the PS5 stood up and its looks all the better for it. Also seeing it on its side is really weird, you can tell they haven’t designed it with us on-the-siders in mind (that’s definitely not a thing). It sounds like I’ve already made this decision doesn’t it? Wish me luck in rearranging my entire entertainment setup over the next week to make room for this incoming tall boy.

3. Transfer all my PS4 data and games

Given that I’m only getting two launch games with my PS5 (more on that later), I’m still going to be relying on a lot of the current PS4 games I’m already playing. Especially given how many of them aren’t even getting PS5 upgrades on day 1, yes I’m looking at you FIFA 21! Luckily Sony has made this process as easy as when you transfer to a new phone. I won’t waste your time explaining it when somebody more intelligent has already done so already, just make sure to check out PlayStation’s official how-to video.

4. Explore the new UI

Although I’ve seen a lot of the UI already, it won’t stop me from scrolling through my profile page, trophies and settings while I get used to a brand new UI. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty straightforward and mostly focuses on getting you back into your game as quickly as possible so let’s leave this here and do just that!

5. Launch my first game (Astros Playroom)

Even though I’m going to be itching to get to my proper PS5 games there’s no question what I’m jumping into first and that’s Astros Playroom – a free small platformer that will come preinstalled on every PS5. It’s designed to make use of all the console’s new features as well as celebrating everything PlayStation in the process. Plus if reviews are anything to go by then its more than just a tutorial of sorts, it’s a great stand alone game that is well worth your time especially as you’re not having to buy it. Well I suppose you have spent a good £450 on the PS5 itself.. Not the point!

6. Finally play Spider-Man Miles Morales (then AC Valhalla if there’s time)

It’s no secret that the game I’m most excited to play on next-gen is the latest instalment to the PlayStation Marvel Spiderverse – Miles Morales. My impatience to get started on this mini Spidey adventure will only have intensified by next week as well given the game will have been out for a week to PS4 players here in the UK already. Yes I could just play it a week early on PS4 but given the game is made with the PS5 in mind and is advertised a proper next-gen experience, you can bet your ass I’m saving it. 

I’d love to go on and talk about other games I plan on playing (I’m also saving Assassins Creed: Valhalla for example) but I know deep down that once I boot up Miles Morales that I won’t be leaving that room unless it’s to eat or poop. 

If you’ve made it this far into my PS5 hype induced ramblings then I thank you and assume that you must be riding the same hype train I am right now! If that’s the case then make sure to let me know what you’ll be doing on launch day when you get your PS5 console! Either comment below or hit me up on twitter @RespawningUK or @MikeyGalaszia