I recently had a thought that I should’ve had a long, long time ago.

Why do I play all these horny-ass anime games when they all kinda suck? Why do people share the same sentiment but still enjoy them just as much? Why do they keep making these monuments to the degeneracy that I, a degenerate, consume so hastily?

I think the problem lies in its target audience, Japan. Over there the culture around games is a little different; people often buy games, and trade them the next day – And what better games to play for just a day then ones that get your rocks off…

But it’s because developers end up making these games so hastily and rushed out that they don’t play well… Well, not a lot of them.

Senran Kagura is a series I’ve grown to love for the absolute dumpster fire of anime titties and dumb humour it is… But the more serious games in the series such as Burst were legitimately enjoyable. They had fun elements to them that if expanded upon would be something amazing.

I think if you’re gonna stick with the raunchy genre, stick to something a lot more accessible, like, puzzle games, gacha and visual novels – But every genre surely needs a little sprinkle of degeneracy in them and that’s completely fine too… But at least make them stand out, make them good. Make them a legitimate guilty pleasure that the most typical dude bros plays while hiding from his friends.

Make the smut great again.

In my last article about Senran Kagura: Peach Ball, I mentioned that if a new mainline Senran game came out I’d want it to be on the level of a Devil May Cry-type title, or really any other character action game. If you want your smut to succeed, you need your audience want it, but feel absolutely guilty for wanting it. Make it AAA as fuck and make that shit $60. I think the game closest to playing the best in this category was Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni – That shit was tight, and I wish there was more like it… And please, if you know a game that is similar to what I’m asking, let me know. This isn’t even an opinion piece anymore I just want a game that’ll make me laugh with it’s stupid tits bouncing in my face, but also make me feel like I’m playing a… Y’know… Game.

Get your shit together sexy anime games. The world needs you. I need you. America needs you.

God bless the smut.

Well, now that I’ve rambled on about anime smut for about 500 words with a rager, it’s time to play more Tetris. Bye y’all.

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