With the recent news that Resident Evil will be receiving a Netflix adaptation, and with the long-awaited Witcher Netflix series deep into production, we felt it was finally time to translate our passion for gaming towards the film & TV medium – Here are our most desired Netflix adaptations of videogames!

Will J

It’d never, in a million years, happen. But hell, I’m gonna ask for it anyways.

Dishonored is a rare example of an IP that desperately deserves more exploitationThe city of Dunwall alone was one of the most visually unique and stunning environments I’ve ever visited in a video game, the supernatural elements are perfect for exploitation through CGI fight scenes, and the world’s politics are perfect for a bit of Game-of-Thrones-come-House-of-cards political thrillers. With the recent cancellation of the Netflix Marvel shows, I’m feeling the need for something action-packed with an intense story and fantastic choreography, and ‘Discovered’ provides the perfect thing to fulfil it.

Get this made; cast DareDevil’s Charlie Cox as a new assassin unconnected to Corvo, Daud, and Emily – Get Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor in to reprise his role as the Outsider, and set them loose in a newly created narrative far away in the empire of the Isles, and you’ve got a recipe for a perfectly Gothic action political thriller with some of the most fantastically unique fight scenes around.


This one was easy for me, Bioshock!

Give this to the team responsible for The Haunting of Hill House and you have a horror/sci-fi masterpiece in the making if handled correctly. There’s so much source material to pull from that they could easily get a full season out of each edition of the game. The story is already built in with enough twists and turns that even a casual viewer that is unfamiliar with the games could find a lot to love in a TV adaptation. Admittedly come the final season they might have to rewrite some of the ending as to not confuse the hell out of Netflix’s entire user base and leave us gamers wondering how to explain all that to Uncle Graham. Plus, just imagine Rapture and Columbia both being brought to life on the small screen? Yes please.


For me, I feel that the one game series that would be perfect for a Netflix adaptation would be Yakuza – Imagine, following the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu with a live-action adaptation… Imagine the adrenaline, the violence, the heartbreak and comedy, and imagine Majima. Holy shit Netflix, this needs to happen. Kamurocho is a lively, bustling hub that lends itself to a large set, making it rather cost effective, and there’s hardly any need for flashy CGI – It’s a match made in heaven damnit!